Special Deals Allow U.S. Sledders Access to Ontario Trails for a Steal!

The exchange rate and low cost of gas have been huge factors in why we're seeing so many U.S. sledders north of the border this year. Combine that with Mother Nature's less-than-amazing performance almost everywhere except Northern Ontario and it's a no-brainer: book a room, trailer up and hit those famed OFSC trails! 

And now, as if that's not enough, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has gone a step further by offering two incredible opportunities: 

  1. On again for 2018 and effective immediately, U.S. snowmobilers can purchase a multi-day permit for only $35/day (minimum 2 consecutive days). That gets you access to all snow trails in Ontario whenever it suits you. Call your snowmobile buddies, pick your dates and ride!
  2. After a great turnout last year, the "Try Our Trails" offer is on again for 2018. Complimentary unlimited access to all open trails across the province will be granted for the weekend of February 3 & 4, 2018. Learn more here. If you've ever wondered what riding in the true north is all about, this is your chance.

Riding the trails in Northern Ontario is remarkable not only for the serene beauty and low traffic but because even in what seems like the middle of nowhere, everything you could possibly need is right there. From a host of trailside accommodations and sled-friendly restaurants to snowmobile rental and repairs, you're never far from a helping hand. That's because we spend almost half of the year on our sleds. Up here, snowmobiling is a way of life! 

SnowTours smaller
There are 25 self-guided snow tours across the province of Ontario. These are well-marked, fully accessible loops that get priority grooming which takes the guess-work out of planning your trip. 

Our suggestions for this year are Cochrane, Ontario's 215km Gateway to the North Tour, the massive Northern Corridor Adventure Loop. Another popular tour this year is the Abitibi Canyon Loop. A little closer to the border is Sudbury's Cartier Moose Loop where you'll find hard-packed trails, wildlife and northern history.

It doesn't look like this winter will be as generous to snowmobilers as the last two but there's no need to give up on it. Take advantage of one of these deals (or combine them for an even longer stay) and make the 2017 season one to remember!

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