This Is Winter

The truth about snowmobiling in Ontario, Canada

Slush. Road salt. 2 hour commutes. Mountains of grime-covered snow on every corner. Treacherous roads, bad drivers, impossible parking. Snow days with the kids at home.

This is why you say WINTER SUCKS. But those of us who snowmobile in Ontario know a totally different winter. 

For years, I moaned about winter that same way many of my city friends did, but that was before I discovered Northern Ontario, and the way the locals embrace winter here. Dogsledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing - if there's a way for them to get outside and enjoy the season, they do it.

the perfect winter

And for the past four years I've had the pleasure of riding a snowmobile on the thousands of miles of groomed trails that exist here in Ontario, Canada every winter. I trailer a few hours, unload a few snowmobiles with friends, ride with locals from the clubs and districts in the area and every second out there is worth more than a day in the city.

this is winter 1

In fact, it's the only way to get through the winter. 

cool dudes on snowmobiles

If you travel to your cottage in the summer, and moan about the winter like I used to, you're only seeing half the picture.

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If you're tired of the city winter, with slush-filled boots, hellish traffic and condo cabin fever, join us where winter is a bold adventure. 

  • If you're new to snowmobiling and want to try it, check out one of a dozen rental places all across the province
  • If you think winter is over, think again. Over 80% of all trails in Ontario are still open and conditions for trails look good until MID-APRIL. Check trail availability HERE.
  • If you've already done every trail in your own backyard, click here for the top eight loops in Ontario for 2014. 
  • If you want to find some people to ride with, check out our listing of clubs on Facebook or our complete list of events.
  • If, for some insane reason, you haven't bought your permit yet, BUY ONE NOW.
  • To learn more about OFSC Snowmobiling click here.
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Thank you to everyone who helped to make the video possible:

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Snow Country Snowmobile Association

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About Mike Jacobs

Mike is an avid Northern traveller, having spent years traversing its backroads, and visiting its remote lodges and fun cities by car, RV, motorcycle, and boat. There's always something new to discover in the North and Mike never shies away from the next great adventure. Mike is the chairman of the board for the Tourism Technology Company.

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