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In need of something sweet in Sudbury? No worries! We're here to help you find your next treat with a round up of 5 incredible spots for your next croissant, cupcake, or coffee.

I grew up watching my grandmother bake sweet treats for our family on special holidays. Anything you could imagine, she made it: cupcakes, muffins, cookies to loaves and cakes. It’s no surprise I've got such a sweet tooth for baked goods. As I grew older, I wanted to be able to bake my own delicious delights but after trying to make sugar cookies that turned out tasting like soap, I realized it’s much easier and tastier if to get my fix from one of Sudbury's many bakeries! Here is a list of some of the amazing places you can get some sweet treats for you and your family.

Where get baked goods in sudbury


272 Caswell Drive, Sudbury

Leinala’s Bakery is home to some of the best Finnish treats in Sudbury. Baked goods range from pulla bread, donuts, jelly pigs and much more.

Jelly Pigs from Leinala's


Pulla Bread from Leinala's


587 Kathleen Street, Sudbury

Beards is Sudbury’s first and only fully vegan bakery and coffee bar!  They have a variety of freshly baked vegan delights such as donuts, cupcakes, pop tarts, pretzels and other sweets to try.

Beards donuts

Delicious fresh cookies from Beards
Iced latte from Beards

Golden Grain Bakery

153 Brady Street, Sudbury

Early mornings on Brady Street are definitely a special treat! You can smell the fresh baked  bread before you even walk into the store. Not only do they have bread but they also carry cookies, butter tarts, croissants, and many other delicious treats to enjoy.


Golden Grain's pecan butter tarts

Golden Grain's croissants

Regency Bakery & Deli  

1355 Regent Street, Sudbury 

This family owned and operated business has everything you need from sweet eats to deli meats. Baked fresh every day, you’re guaranteed some of the best authentic Italian cannolis in the city. While you’re there be sure to try some of their in-store-made gelato with flavours such as chocolate, bubble gum, mango, and strawberry!

Regency Bakery cakes

Variety of cookies

Regency peaches and canolies

Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop

Guilty Pleasures is not your typical chocolate and vanilla cupcake shop —their incredible variety of flavours such as Cranberry Sage, Apple Pie Moonshine, Cinnamon Roll, and so many more are definitely going to leave you wanting more.

*Edit: Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop no longer has an dine-in location. Orders available by contacting the bakeshop online or by phone. 

Guilty Pleasures cupcakes. From left to right: chocolate hazelnut, chocolate strawberry and mixed berry

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