Sudbury’s Best Ice Cream Shops

Sudbury is home to a host of ice cream options—from classic cones to innovative flavors like...Algonquin Canoe? Stop and grab a vegan cone, a soda float, or a fresh gelato from one of these 6 Sudbury hot spots!

The perfect addition to your summer road trip is a stop at a Sudbury ice cream shop. Offering everything from fresh gelato to vegan cones to ice cream for your pup—these local favourites have it all (including classic vanilla, of course.)

Take a break with a sweet, cool, refreshing treat this summer and check out these 6 local ice cream (and gelato) shops in Greater Sudbury.

1. Bitter Bill's Ice Cream Parlour

WHERE: 3695 Clarence St., Val Caron 
why you need to visit: 40 Flavours and soda floats

Bitter Bill’s offers the largest selection of ice cream in Greater Sudbury, on the main thoroughfare in Val Caron. Bill and his wife serve over 40 flavours of ice cream, along with soda floats, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and frozen cakes. This fun and friendly spot, known for its great customer service, is worth checking out this summer.

2. Huckleberries Chocolates

Where: 110 Durham St. 
why you need to visit: DESSERT NACHOS and $3 cones

Located in downtown Sudbury, Huckleberries Chocolates is always whipping up creative treats. Here you will find ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and more.  Try their dessert nachos with three scoops of ice cream, graham treats, and loads of toppings. Get downtown on a Wednesday for Wacky Wednesdays at Huckleberries—they offer $3 cones all day.

3. Stak Shak

Photo credit: Stak Shak Facebook

WHERE: 1755 LaSalle Blvd.
why you need to visit: the Thai rolled ice cream

Have you tried Thai rolled ice cream?  The liquid ice cream ingredients are poured onto a frozen pan, mixed until creamy and silky smooth, then fillings are added before your dessert is rolled for serving. The Stak Shak is the only rolled ice cream spot in Greater Sudbury.  Of course if you’re looking for more of the classic ice cream, Stak Shak serves the favourites like mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and perhaps your new favourite, like maple bacon. Look for the white trailer at the corner of LaSalle and Auger.

4. Regency Bakery

where: 1355 Regent St.
why you need to visit: fresh gelato made in-house

*Gelato has entered the chat* Stop in at Regency Bakery, the bustling family-run bakery, for a variety of gelato flavours made fresh in-store.  While the gelateria side of the bakery isn’t currently open, Regency Bakery is still offering the popular Italian frozen dessert, in pre-packaged take-home options, great to take on the road. 

5. Flurple’s

where: 593 Kathleen St.
why you need to visit: vegan ice cream, pup cones, and the Insta-friendly mural

You can’t miss Flurple’s Instagram-worthy walk-up window.  Serving vegan ice cream, soft serve, even sorbet and edible cookie dough, Flurple’s has become a Sudbury staple during the summer months.  Bring your dog along with you for a pup cone or pup cup.  Open seven days a week throughout the summer.

6. Amici Food + Beverage Co & Amici Express

where: 863 Barrydowne Rd., Sudbury & 145 Regional Rd. 24, LivelY.
why you need to visit: the Algonquin canoe flavour

A pleasant surprise in this specialty grocer is the ice cream offerings from Central Smith Creamery, with flavours like Monster Cookie, Polar Plunge, and Algonquin Canoe. Amici's now has a second location in Lively. Want a few more treats for the road? Their in-store baked cupcakes are to die for.

Please call or check store hours online before visiting.

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Johanna hails from Sudbury, ON. She loves to dine at local restaurants, spend time on the water in the summer, and ride the mountains in the winter. 

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