101 Things to Do in Red Lake

It was hard to keep the list to just 101 things to do in Red Lake... we ended up with 170!

Revitalize Red Lake is a grassroots committee that simply wants to see small efforts lead toward big change that makes the community of Red Lake, Ontario a great place to be. Our goal is to take pride and responsibility for the towns we love for the betterment of the whole community and everyone in it, positively and actively.

The 101 (and then some) Things to Do in the Red Lake District list came about after hearing the continual “there’s nothing to do around here” complaint that so often accompanies life in a small town. Sometimes we become complacent and forget that we are surrounded by natural beauty, which is literally at our doorstep. Community members offered up what they like to do and we ended up with 170 things to do (there's probably much more to include).

It was a beautiful realization that we truly don’t have many reasons to say “I’m bored.” Our region is a travel destination for people all over the world. So here's everything to do in Red Lake, Ontario!

1. Rent a kayak or canoe and launch from one of our many beautiful beaches or docks

No matter your age, you'll enjoy canoeing the lakes near Red Lake. Photo: Stacey Flemming

2. Watch the float planes take off and land in Howey Bay

3. Share ideas and delicious food at the community kitchen (Check out the Red Lake Eats Local Facebook page)

4. Participate in the annual triathlon

5. Check out the waterbombers when they land at the Red Lake Municipal Airport in Cochenour

6. Get ice cream at Video Plus, go across the road, and play on the school ground equipment

7. Play a game of hockey at the outdoor skating rink

8. Go fishing, whether by boat, skis on the shoreline or off the docks

Go fishing for a variety of species including a tiger muskie perhaps!  Photo: Kristy Anderson

9. Take a swim at the pool or join the Gold Fins and swim with a team

10. Check out the sucker run in the spring

You have to love the smiles!  Photo: Naomi Joy Leschied

11. Throw on a pair of water skis

12. Pick a batch of wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or pin cherries

There's nothing quite like the taste of wild blueberries!  Photo: Karen Enns

13. Rent a paddleboard and view Howey Bay from the water

14. Go camping and eat s’mores!

15. Play at one of the local parks

16. Go rollerblading at Centennial Park

17. Go four-wheeling or snowmobiling down one of the many back roads or trails

Quading and hunting near Pakwash.  Photo: Angie Skoglund Labonte

18. Join the book club at the library

19. Learn about Fairwind’s Drum at the Heritage Centre

20. Buy a box of cookies from the local Girl Guides

21. Check out the meat draw at the Legion on Friday nights and sing for your porchetta, play a game of shuffleboard or darts, and socialize with the locals

22. Take the ferry to McKenzie Island and walk the trails. Don’t forget your camera!

23. Come out to one of the arts and crafts shows and support local home-based businesses

24. In the winter, ski the awesome trails on McKenzie Island

Groomed trails on McKenzie Island await you. Photo: Angie Burke

25. Practice your driving or putting at the Red Lake Golf and Country Club

26. Check out the pictographs which tell the legend of Red Lake

27. Celebrate Canada Day with activities and fireworks

28. Play a game of tennis at Rahill Beach

29. Buy a magazine at the pharmacy and sit in Centennial Park to read it

30. Go to the curling rink to watch or play

31. Go to the arena in Cochenour to watch or participate in figure skating or hockey

32. Have a cup of locally roasted coffee at the Water Buffalo

33. Go for a ride on the ice road then tell all of your city friends what you just did!

34. Visit the West Red Lake Mining Museum

35. Go to the Heritage Centre and learn about Norval Morrisseau and his amazing Woodland Art

36. Take your bike or skateboard to the skate park

37. Join the bowling team or organize your own bowling party

38. Check out movie nights and the guest speaker series at the Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre

39. Go to the annual Fresh Air Fair

40. Check out the Communities in Bloom Fall Fair

41. Observe wildlife such as loons, wolves, and bears (safely)

There's so much wildlife to see. If you're brave you can even pick up a snake!  Photo: Parla Cline Sonifrank

42. Participate or volunteer at the Red Lake Fall Classic Fishing Tournament

43. Enjoy the beautiful 18-hole golf course and stay for a fantastic meal at the clubhouse

44. Harvest different mushrooms (but make sure you pick the right ones!)

Mushroom picking. Make sure you to only eat the edible ones! Photo: Parla Cline Sonifrank

45. Participate or volunteer for the Red Lake Winter Carnival

46. Join the scrapbooking club

47. Make a bet with friends as to when the ice will be out in Howey Bay

48. Go to The Howey on Saturday morning for coffee to find out what’s happening in the world

49. Go to the Heritage Centre and learn about Harold Farrington, Gramma Gene and many other local legends

50. Take an art workshop with the Clever Corvid Art and Art Workshops for all ages and levels

51. Enjoy a night out with friends at the monthly Paint Night held at The Howey

52. Take your young ones to the Best Start Hub

53. Pick up some donuts at Tim Hortons

54. Get yourself a snack at Balmer Video and sit outside to enjoy it at the nice picnic table area

Enjoy ice cream on a hot summer day.  Photo: Alyx Drager

55. Check out the variety of activities at the Friendship Centre

56. Get a Red Lake souvenir at The Treasure House such as a pair of locally made moccasins or Woodland Art

57. Just sit outside with your favourite beverage, smell the fresh air and enjoy the view

58. Pick up fresh veggies at the summer market

59. Explore the Woodland Caribou Park in all its splendor

Woodland Caribou tracks in Woodland Caribou Park.  Photo: Claire Quewezence

60. Learn about the history of Starrat Olsen

61. Find out why Red Lake is the Norseman Capital of the world by reading the information provided at the park

62. Have some fries at The Spud n’ Dog

63. Get out for a night of fantastic music and entertainment through the Wilderness Entertainment Series

64. Get your hunting license and capture dinner

Hunting is enjoyed by all ages!  Photo: Nicole Gauthier

65. Have a craft night by first buying supplies at Donna’s Dollar Store

66. Go out for drinks and dancing at The Balmer

67. Enjoy the daily specials at Antonio’s Restaurant

68. Go to the Municipal Office in Balmertown to see the fantastic rock collection

69. Join a fitness class at the Red Lake or Balmertown recreation centres

70. Sign up for lessons through In-Step Dance classes

71. Sign your child up for brownies, guides, sea cadets, or scouts

72. Join the karate club

73. Learn how to play the piano via the Music for Young Children program

74. Join a baseball or hockey team

The baseball field from above!  Photo: Suzette Roy

75. Check out the beautiful plants at the Chukuni River Greenhouse

76. Take your dog for a walk

77. Go Christmas tree hunting

78. Watch the northern lights and star gaze

79. Go horseback riding at Lee Green’s

80. Take a trapping course

81. Volunteer as a foster parent for Lucky Mutts and have a furry friend in your home!

82. Try a sewing class through Gail’s Stitches

83. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers or gift at Forever Green in downtown Red Lake

84. Get a great steak at West End Groceries

85. Have a picnic at the beach

86. Go to one of the sandpits down Nungessor or Dixie Lake road to play or practice target shooting

Three generations at target practice.  Photo: Karen Enns

87. Enjoy a “staycation” at one of many local camps and lodges

88. Check out the trader days program at the Heritage Centre

89. Check out the Norseman Festival which is full of activities, entertainment and artisan booths

90. Fly out to a fishing camp for dinner

91. Get yourself fully equipped for outdoor adventures at Lakeside Marina or Red Lake Marine

92. Check out Patricia Players and the multi-talented performance artists who share their talents

93. Go to a Music in the Alcove house concert

94. Go tobogganing at Kesick Bay road or the Cochenour Sand Pit

95. Attend a church service

96. Get a pedi or mani at Bellezza Hair and Esthetics

97. Go to the waterfront and Norseman Park and check out the float planes in the summer

98. Take a course through Contact North or Confederation College

99. Learn about the mining industry by contacting a local prospector and having an educational chat

100. Contact a local photographer to have a family photoshoot

101. Entertain your family by going through the Golden Eagle automatic car wash!

102. Treat your pet to some TLC by taking them to Pawzwild for a spa day

103. Buy a bag of grub at Balmertown Food Fair or Red Lake IGA and have a backyard party with friends and family

104. Buy some fancy swag at McTaggarts and go out on a date with a loved one

105. Book yourself a much-needed massage at Sunset Chiropractic Clinic

106. Buy jewelry supplies at The Treasure House and have an afternoon of creating

107. Buy a delicious cake or other sweet treats from the Midnight Baker

108. Order yourself delicious take-out Chinese food from the Jade Restaurant

109. Go to “the ridge” down Nungesser Road and see for as far as the eye can see

110. Check out what the Chukuni Rod and Gun Club is all about and learn about their archery trail too

111. Get a walk-in haircut at Tangled Hair Designs

112. Visit a graveyard and pay your respects

113. Visit Chelsie Aniceto at Meraki Ink for a professional tattoo

114. Sit at Norseman Park or Rahill Beach and do an outdoor painting or sketch

115. Sign out a book or movie at the library in Red Lake or Balmertown

116. Buy some fireworks at TJ’s, go somewhere that is not going to affect neighbours and animals, and have a blast!

117. Go to Chimo Air for a float plane ride

118. Sign up for a plot in one of the community gardens

119. Catch a muskie on Flat Lake

120. Go tree climbing

121. Spend the day at Sandy Point and watch everyone go back and forth to McKenzie Island!

Enjoying Sandy Point Bar.  Photo: Nicole Gauthier

122. Check out the CCDC Trade Show held every spring and fall

123. Go to a garage sale or to the reclaim station at the landfill

124. Get high-quality prints of your children’s artwork at Worrall’s Photography and Design to hang on your wall or send to your family

125. Rent snowshoes and enjoy the show!

Get out and enjoy the outdoors!  Photo: H. Schwartz

126. Volunteer with a variety of local organizations

127. Try out a wide variety of beer selections at The Beer Store

128. Stop in at Pets Plus to see the animals and buy your pet a special treat

129. Camp at Chukuni River Campground. You can even rent a yurt until October 1!

130. Go sliding at the ski hill by Sandy Point

131. Make a float for the Santa Claus parade or attend the parade

132. Visit our neighbours in the south and enjoy the annual Trout Forest Music Festival: Music in the Woods

133. Walk the trails around Flat Lake. Bring a bear bell!

134. Do backcountry camping in Woodland Caribou Park and remember to pack out what you pack in!

Canoeing in Woodland Caribou Park.  Photo: Kristina Grondin

135. Get some seafood at Baudry Steak & Seafood Co. and have an East Coast party in your backyard!

136. Bike to Madsen and enjoy going down the “big hill” as your reward!

137. Check out an English Miners hockey game

138. Go camping at Goldseekers

139. Paddle “Half Way Creek” on the way to Madsen

Look closely and you'll see a five-month-old enjoy the paddle as well.  Photo: Karen Enns

140. Go and get an annual checkup at the dentist and doctor’s office

141. Check out the awesome goods at the local thrift store which supports local charities

142. Have a picnic by the butterfly garden at Norseman Park

143. Look at the banners hung on the main drag which were taken by local photographers

144. Check out the mud nests made by sparrows by McTaggarts, but only look and don’t get too close

145. Go frog hunting at night with a flashlight

146. Check out the display of local art for sale at the Northern Sun News building

147. Go to a council meeting to be informed of what our local government is doing for our communities

148. Check out the murals painted by local artists (one beside the post office, across from the post office, on The Lakeview, and on The Treasure House building)

149. Go swimming or fishing at the government docks

150. Participate and enjoy the annual pow wow

151. Help a neighbour by mowing their lawn, or bringing them some fresh baking

152. Go to St Paul’s Bay and sit on the docks watching the sunset in the west

153. Build an ice fishing shack and remember to take it home before the ice melts!

154. Look at the mining equipment displays and read the historical plaque at Harry’s Corner

155. Go to the bridge down Suffel Lake Road or Pineridge Road

156. Check out the historical grave sites, respectfully, at Post Narrows

157. Have a fish fry at the Upper Chukuni River

158. Say hello to everyone you meet on the street, because it’s a small town and that’s just one of the 101 things you do in a small town

159. Go geocaching

160. Learn how to make an authentic batch of bannock and serve it warm with butter and homemade raspberry jam

Explore the outdoors:  Photo: Parla Cline Sonifrank

161. Have a kitchen pickling or salsa-making party after harvesting all of your yummy veggies

162. Have a scavenger hunt in your community based on finding things in nature, street names, or any other criteria that connects you to your town!

Scavenger hunts are a great summer activity.  Photo: Naomi Joy Leschied

163. Pick rosehips to make rosehip tea

164. Go to Roadside Convenience for ice cream or Slurpee and watch the sun go down and the cars go by!

165. Bike to the beach. Challenge yourself to bike the big hills instead of walking your bike!

166. Clear snow off the lake to make an outdoor rink

167. Make an inuksuk or check out the one made at the turnaround Leni Sadtler Memorial Garden

168. Watch a high school Rams sports game

169. Join the local soccer league

170. Just get outside and find out what your community has to offer you! It’s all there for you!

To see more, check Revitalize Red Lake on Facebook. You can also email us at revitalizeredlakeont@gmail.com

About Rhonda Beckman

Rhonda Beckman resides in Red Lake where she uses her artistic talents as an instructor at The Clever Corvid Art and Art Workshops and a Visual Art teacher at the Red Lake District High School. Her artwork depicts the beauty of the Red Lake area. In her spare time, she is part of a grassroots committee that simply wants to see small efforts lead toward big change that makes the Red Lake district an even greater place to be.

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