Big Fish and Lots of Them

This story focuses on a discussion of the fantastic multi-species fishing available in Sunset Country.

Sunset Country: Canada's Premier Fishing Destination

Since the 1920s, Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario has been the place in the Province for American and Canadian anglers to go on fishing trips. Why do you ask? Well, for one thing, consider the fact that in this region of Ontario, the lakes literally outnumber the people. We also have some of the most easily accessible fishing spots for our American friends looking to fish in Canada.

Located north of the State of Minnesota, Sunset Country is within easy reach from anywhere in the U.S. Midwest. This area's reputation for fishing is getting recognized worldwide, with travelers coming from all across Canada and as far away as the UK and Germany. With the variety of freshwater fish species available, the region can easily live up to its reputation as Canada's Premier Fishing Destination!


Northern pike fishing at Big Hook Camps

Big Fish Equals Big Fun

This is the true 'North Woods', a boreal forest landscape that is dotted with an endless amount of lakes strung together one after one - just waiting for you to drop a line in. In the deeper and colder lakes, you'll discover Ontario's finest lake trout fishing. Some of these trout lakes also offer excellent smallmouth bass fishing and a few even have trophy muskie available. If you love to go after the big northern pike, they can be found in just about every lake with fish over 40 inches in length not uncommon. But for the majority of you, we know that it is the great walleye fishing that interests you the most. Well, you won't be disappointed as our region has countless lakes teeming with this tasty and beautifully-colored fish that represents the essence of fishing in Ontario.

Drive-in, Fly-in or Boat-in Fishing 

Fly in Fishing Trips in Canada's North

When you come to fish in Sunset Country, you'll have to choose how you'll get in and where you'll be going. In terms of access, you have three potential choices drive-in, fly-in or boat-in. The most common choice made by anglers is to go to a drive-in lodge or resort. At these facilities you can drive right up to your cabin with your own vehicle and these facilities are a great choice if you bring your own boat.

For those who want that real remote "own" a lake for a week fishing experience, then the right choice for you is to step aboard a float plane and go to a fly-in fishing lodge or outpost cabin. On air-access only lakes, you will be the king of your own domain for the duration of your stay. Catch fish in the hundreds at times and enjoy the feeling of what the Canadian wilderness backcountry is all about.

On some of our very large lakes, there is a third choice that gives you remoteness without flying. By this we mean you can decide to go to a remote spot on the lake and stay at a boat-in lodge. This gives you the feeling of being away from it all but you don't have to step on to an aircraft to get it. This is another good choice for the angler who likes to bring their own boat with them on their trip.

Houseboat Rentals a Unique Choice

Houseboat Rentals on Lac Seul

Perhaps one of the more unique ways to fish Canada is to access the lake on a houseboat rental. Cruise across Lac Seul or Lake or Lake of the Woods and catch some monster-sized fish. Houseboats are pretty much like a lakeside cabin but the difference is they float and you get a different view of the setting sun each day of the week.

Travel Planning Assistance

We realize that for the first time visitor, there are many choices available and it may be hard for you to make one. Not a problem! We suggest you get as much information as possible about the different destinations and facilities in our region before making a choice. You can get detailed info about fishing the Red Lake area. Our biggest body of water Lake of the Woods is also another popular destination.

If you want a Canada travel guide and map that covers the entire Sunset Country region and one which lists over 220 lodges, resorts, houseboat rentals, campgrounds, and other accommodation facilities then that is available as well.

About Gerry Cariou

Gerry is Executive Director of Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association and is an avid fisherman and nature photographer. Gerry has been writing about Sunset Country's varied travel experiences for over 20 years and lives these experiences year-round in Kenora, Ontario.

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