A Superior Staycation

Have your travel plans changed this summer? You're not alone! Here's why you need a staycation in Superior Country.

Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate. - J.R.R Tolkein

I know this summer might feel like a disappointment due to canceled events, postponed music festivals, and especially those travel plans that are now on hold. It's been a tough adjustment for all of us. But I'm here to offer some optimism. I want to help fellow Canadians realize that a summer spent right here at home, in the wilds of Ontario's most amazing landscapes, is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the summer of the staycation–and it's a real gift.

Superior Country is the ultimate destination for your summer staycation because we have the best of both worlds: peace, serenity, and stress-free relaxing on the lake or beach, along with epic outdoor adventures for the thrill seekers among you. Whatever type of journey you're looking for, look no further than Superior. And rest assured that up here, it's incredibly easy to practice social distancing. In fact, we've been doing it for hundreds of years!  

Read on to discover 5 great reasons why Superior Country is your best bet for a summer staycation. Hint: they're all outside. 


Look no further than Northern Ontario’s Superior Country for some world-class fishing. Here you'll find walleye, northern pike, brook trout, salmon, and many more species. We're even home to the World Record Brook Trout caught out of the Nipigon River back in 1916! You can try your hand at beating this long-standing record, but rest assured with thousands of untouched lakes and rivers to choose from, recreational and serious anglers can be sure to get the catch of a lifetime! Make sure to check out these tips to ensure epic Superior fishing adventure.

Outdoor Adventures

We are not short of adventures here in Superior Country! Whether you are a rock climber or a hiker we have it all. The Casque Isle Hiking Trail is perfect for those who want a challenge and for rock climbers we suggest hiring a guide like Outdoor Skills & Thrills to help you have the most exciting adventure. 

World Class Hiking 

There's a reason international visitors flock to Superior Country to experience our great outdoors–especially our hiking trails. This summer, the trails are free of international visitors and it's a chance for local residents and Ontarians to discover what those tourists already know. Superior Country is an amazing place to hike. Hiking or just going for a stroll are perfect ways to get as close as you can to nature’s wonders. Most of Northern Ontario’s Superior Country cities and towns have a series of parks, hiking trails, and walking paths where you can enjoy a refreshing stroll or a more strenuous hike.

Natural Wonders

Explore Canada's answer to the Grand Canyon: Ouimet Canyon in Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, with its rare arctic plants and extensive series of marked trails, walkways, and footbridges. Or, check out the Sleeping Giant, a famous formation that looks like well, a sleeping giant, and offers great views of Lake Superior. If you're lucky, you can even catch the Northern Lights! There are so many beautiful natural wonders to take your breath away. 

Screen-free fun for the whole family!

Remember what it feels like to be outdoors? If you and your kids are a bit fuzzy on the whole, "fresh air" thing, it's time to book your family-friendly accommodations here in Superior. A staycation here makes it easy to get kids away from the screens and technology and into nature. From kid-friendly attractions such as Nipigon's Bridgeview Lookout Tower to checking out Chippewa Park you won't be disappointed. Or, just relax lakeside at one of our full service cabin rentals, where the whole family can enjoy swimming, fishing, and making memories. 

We hope you enjoy staying put this summer and we hope that it's your best summer yet! Superior Country is here to help make it happen. 

About Casey Clearwater

Casey is a writer and photographer born and raised in Northern Ontario's Superior Country region. She has enjoyed travelling the world but her passion for home has always brought her back. Her love for the great outdoors has her exploring on her free time through hiking, fishing, hunting etc.

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