5 Things to do This Fall in Greenstone

Clear skies, cool mornings, an abundance of walleyes, calm waters, and morning dew are all things you'll experience on an autumn day in Greenstone!

1. Hunting

Orange is a popular colour in Greenstone come fall season. With hunting being a large tourist attraction, you will proudly see the colour orange displayed by many throughout Greenstone in the fall months. Large game such as moose has hunters from all over North America coming up in hopes of seeing a moose, let alone harvesting one. Small game such as grouse is also popular and will entice many to venture the trails and bush roads via ATV or on foot.

2. Fishing

Fall fishing can be just as promising as spring fishing when fishing for walleye, with cooler temperatures, shoreline weedbeds comprised of hearty stands of cabbage and northern milfoil that are still green, and thriving attract oodles of baitfish. You are also more likely to see fewer boats on the water, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a lake to themselves?

3. Hiking

Yes, with a lot of activity in the bush, you wouldn’t want to be around a group of hunters. But not to worry, Greenstone has five hiking trails that are safe to hike. Enjoy the beautiful red, yellow, and orange fall colours with family and friends, and make sure to bring a camera and capture Mother Nature as she prepares for winter.

4. Paddling

With summer over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to put the paddles away. Autumn can provide some great paddling experiences as the waters become calm and the scenery changes. Warm weather is still upon us, although I would dress accordingly and by this time, the black flies and mosquitoes are nonexistent, making for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

5. Campfires

Whether it be in the morning to warm up from a crisp morning breeze or at night with a comfortable hoodie, it’s hard not to enjoy a good campfire with good company. There are several campgrounds in Greenstone that remain open for the beginning of fall. If you prefer to rough it, you will find hundreds of spots to camp out and enjoy a campfire.

About Brent Henley

Brent is the Tourism Coordinator for the Municipality of Greenstone

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