Why Goods & Co. Should Be On Your TBay Bucket List

With art and products made by local artisans, delicious food, and drinks to enjoy with your friends after hours, Goods & Co. in downtown Thunder Bay is the perfect place to explore with family and friends!

The North Shore of Lake Superior, Ontario has its fair share of local markets in each town but there is a market among them that is different from any other. Located in downtown Thunder Bay in the Waterfront District, the Goods & Co. Market showcases the incredible local businesses in the area and their amazing products. Whether it be art, candles, clothes, jewelry, coffee, pastries, or candy, Goods & Co. has something for everyone.

goods & co

Situated in Thunder Bay's old Eaton’s building, Goods & Co has a total of 25 local vendors with Canadian products unique to the region. What are the businesses you can find within Goods & Co.? Well, why don’t I give you a little sneak peek at what’s inside and the treasures you can find!  

Inside Goods & Co.

Peace & Quiet Candle Co.

Peace & Quiet Candle Co. is an artisan based out of Thunder Bay that makes hand-poured soy wax candles and wax melts which are all handmade in small batches for premium quality. There are many unique scents found in each collection including Thunder Bay-inspired scents like the Persian and Sleeping Giant. 

peace & quiet co - goods & co

Not only does Peace & Quiet Co. have candles with phenomenal aromas, but they also have room sprays in the same scents as the candles. The service is super friendly, and the products are of great quality that make any room in your house cozy as ever, perfect for the upcoming chilly seasons!

Mamakeesick Roots

Jessica Mamakeesick, owner and artist of Mamakeesick Roots, creates beautiful hand-painted Indigenous art representing animals and nature in stunning, vibrant colours. Her original art is printed on various products, including hockey sticks, mugs, ski goggles, and different sizes of canvases.

mamakeesick roots - goods & co

Check her out at her Goods & Co. location and on her Instagram or Facebook to support this incredible local Indigenous artist!

Loud Women Collective

The Loud Women Collective showcases art and other products from local feminist artists and craftswomen who live in the Thunder Bay region. There are many different products on offer such as mugs, t-shirts, pins, and various other products featuring inspirational feminist quotes and art. Not only that, but the Loud Women Collective has many books written by feminist authors and they even host feminist book clubs and various creative workshops. 

loud women collective books - goods & co

Food & Drink 

Goods & Co. offers a variety of food and drink places for a snack and refreshments while you browse the many vendors. These spots have options for everyone ranging from peanut-free to gluten-friendly! Here are just a few examples. 

Uncommon Baked Goods 

The Uncommon Baked Goods bakery specializes in modern seasonal baked goods and pastries, some of these include bagels, pizza rolls, buns, and cookies just to name a few, all of which are handmade and fresh. Not to mention, in addition to the delicious food you can also get yourself coffee to go along with it! They have an extensive coffee menu—it's the perfect drink pairing to any of the snacks you choose!

uncommon baked goods - goods & co


PocoMas is a brand-new burrito bar by EL TRES and is a delicious build-your-own style place where you can choose your own burrito, rice bowl, or taco salad. They also have really cool merch where you can buy shirts with their logo on them! 

pocomas and area - goods & co

After Hours Fun

Woodside Bar

When the market shops and food vendors close with the sun, the bar comes out with the stars. This cozy and friendly bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including local beer and delicious creative mixed drinks! This is the perfect place for you and your buddies to sit, relax, catch up, and socialize in the warm, cheery, and home-like environment of Woodside Bar

goods and co woodside bar

Come Shop, Visit, and Have a Great Time!

Goods & Co. in downtown Thunder Bay is a great place to visit both during the day and the party-filled evening. Come and support the kind, talented, and delicious local vendors for a perfect present or just a little treat for yourself (cause you deserve it!). Hope to see you there!

About Josie Cormier

Josie Cormier grew up in Nipigon, Northern Ontario, and is part of the Red Rock Indian Band. She is passionate about sharing the love she has for her home with everyone she meets. You can always find her looking for new adventures by kayaking, hiking, and exploring the beautiful area she's lucky to call home. Josie is currently a student at York University in Toronto and hopes to start a career as a writer. 

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