ATV Family Fun Run Rides in Nipigon

Based out of Nipigon in Ontario's Superior Country, these ATV Family Fun Run Rides are a great way to get out on your ATV with friends and family to explore!

Ontario’s Superior Country has adventure waiting for you at every turn. There are a few ways to make sure you can enjoy all the nature this region offers, and one of the best ways is to hop on your ATV. If you're thinking about giving it a shot but don't know how to begin, you're in luck. 

In Nipigon, Northern Ontario, there is an event that takes place around three times a year and is all about showing you the best ways to hit the trails with your ATV. 

Welcome to the ATV Family Fun Run!

ATV on a trail

Nipigon's Family Fun Run 

For a little bit of background, the Family Fun Run was started by Andrew St. Jean of Nipigon, Ontario, in September 2020—and it wasn’t always called the Family Fun Run. Andrew said the first ride was actually called the “Stamp Run,” where the riders received a sheet of paper with a number of locations and businesses local to the Nipigon/Red Rock area that had been popular with tourists. In the spring of 2021, Andrew teamed up with Nipigon’s Ted Clearwater, with an event that drew in 110 riders! 

ATVs in the trees

Since then, Andrew and Ted have been working together and growing their attendees with each run. “Our last ride [August 2023] brought 140 people in from Thunder Bay, Greenstone, and along the North Shore. We get many out-of-town riders and new ones every event.”

ATV near the water

Clearcut, Flagged Trails are New Every Time

The trails, canvassed by Ted beforehand, making sure the routes are clear-cut and flagged, are new every time. These trails stretch deep behind Dorion, up towards Lake Nipigon, and North from Nipigon towards Beardmore. Each ride can be anywhere from 90km to 220km. While on the rides, Ted becomes the guide that leads the group, while Andrew and a few others have radios to communicate ensuring everything runs smoothly and everyone stays on track. The perfect place for beginners to get out with a supportive group to have fun on the trails!  

ATV on a hill

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Prizes!

The ATV Family Fun Runs aren’t just for riding—they also offer prizes and an attendance draw at the end of every event. Andrew is the one canvassing for prizes and making sure the word gets out about the dates, locations, and details of the events. As said, each ride has an attendance draw using 50/50 tickets and prizes, all donated by local sponsorships, while the cash prizes awarded are from a registration fee. Then, the poker run, which is hosted in August, hands out cash prizes with the top three highest hands. They also hand out attendance prizes through a draw. “We do rely on businesses and individuals to make prize donations to our events.” 

Trail view from ATV

“Ted and I are able to work well together to put these large events on. We are always learning and we have been to events in the Thunder Bay area to see, learn, talk to other hosts on how they put together these ATV/UTV events. We also talk to all the riders throughout the day getting their good or bad input to make our rides better.” 

2024 Family Fun Run Dates

The Family Fun Runs, though always located in the same region in Nipigon, start their runs in different areas. According to Andrew, they have them at least three times a year, and I have all the dates and locations for you for 2024!

  • May 4th, 2024 - Snow Mud Run, starting location in Red Rock, Ontario, at the Red Rock Fish and Game Club 

  • July 13th, 2024 - Starting location in Hurkett, Ontario 

  • August 17th, 2024 - 2nd Annual Red Rock Poker run, starting location in Red Rock, Ontario at the Red Rock Legion

  • September 28, 2024 - Fall Money Run, starting location in Nipigon, Ontario 

For more information, check out their Facebook page here!

About Josie Cormier

Josie Cormier grew up in Nipigon, Northern Ontario, and is part of the Red Rock Indian Band. She is passionate about sharing the love she has for her home with everyone she meets. You can always find her looking for new adventures by kayaking, hiking, and exploring the beautiful area she's lucky to call home. Josie is currently a student at York University in Toronto and hopes to start a career as a writer. 

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