A Canadian Fishing Adventure: Gray Wood Outfitters

Gray Wood Outfitters offers a truly memorable Canadian experience, thanks to their extensive expertise in hospitality, business, and the outdoors.

We had an awesome time visiting Gray Wood Outfitter’s Beteau Lake outpost camp! This location in Ontario’s Superior Country is known for its big northern pike. Beteau Lake is part of the Attawapiskat River system, celebrated for its remoteness and minimal fishing pressure. The area's conservation efforts and catch-and-release policies contribute to thriving fish populations. The possibility of catching up to 100 walleyes in a day can be done. We had numerous double and TRIPLE hook-ups on walleyes. This river system is fairly easy to navigate with plenty of good fishing just minutes away from the camp. You can catch fish right off the dock too!

Graywood Walleye

Gray Wood Outfitters is a venture born from the passion of Andrew & Monika Gray and Adam & Caroline Wood, for hunting and fishing. They offer a truly memorable Canadian experience, thanks to their extensive expertise in hospitality, business, and the outdoors. There are four camps in total. Windsor Lake has excellent fishing due to its remote location and low fishing pressure. Blackbirch Lake, the most remote camp, offers trophy Northern Pike and Walleye fishing. A newly renovated 32×16 foot cabin at Ritcher Lake sleeps 8 people comfortably with plenty of room for gear. It has been completely updated with a shower, hot and cold water, a fish cleaning station, propane heat, and a new gas range. Of all these, Beteau Lake Camp is considered the Main Lodge.

Graywood Group Shore Lunch

Shore lunch is always a must for any fishing trip in Superior Country. One early evening, we pulled up to a little point to cook up some freshly caught walleye. And of course, made a few casts while the meal was being prepared. The fried fish and potatoes were delicious with views that no restaurant can match. Of all the things during a fly-in trip, you always remember the shore lunches!

Graywood Drone Camp1

The cabins there are comfortable and spacious. This is a remote experience, and they have a list of things to bring on their website. Beteau Lake Outpost can accommodate 1-10 people with four sleeping cabins. There is also a “mini-lodge” with a full kitchen,  refrigerator, stove, cookware, and eating utensils. It’s a great place to have a cup of coffee, or two, in the morning before breakfast as you plan the day’s adventure. You’ll also have access to a hot shower and WiFi, two nice options to have when you’re deep in the Ontario wilderness. The on-site staff are very helpful too. And they know how to find and catch fish!

Graywood Boats

For fishing tackle, you can keep it pretty simple. The walleye will bite just about anything, and it’s tough to beat a jig head with a twister tail or swimbait. Make sure to use durable soft plastics as you’ll be catching a ton of walleye! Snap jigging or slow rolling on or near the bottom is the way to go. For pike, they do like weeds, especially cabbage beds. And there can be many big ones living in a small area. For lures, inline spinners and spoons are excellent. We caught some really big ones on size 5 and 6 blade spinners. The boats provided are perfect for navigating this river system with plenty of space to store your gear and land a big fish! If you’re looking for an amazing far-away destination with incredible walleye and pike fishing, check out Gray Wood Outfitters.

For more details, visit their website: www.graywoodoutfitters.com

About Troy Lindner

Troy Lindner is a co-host of The Ontario Experience airing on The Sportsman Channel. He was born and raised in Minnesota, which included many travels into Ontario, Canada growing up. The son of legendary angler, Al Lindner. Troy always enjoys journeying north across the border to experience the incredible fishing of Canada. A seasoned bass tournament fisherman, he has won over 40 events, including the 2016 Wild West Bass Trail AOY. His favorite fish to catch are smallmouth bass, with muskie being a close second. And Ontario waters offer trophy fishing adventures for both of these!

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