Henry is Home

The ship has been a museum feature in Kingston, ON since 1986

On the afternoon of June 27, 2017, the CCGS Alexander Henry made its return to Thunder Bay, the city in which it was built.

Originally constructed by the Port Arthur Ship Building Co. in July of 1958, the ship spent its whole life as a coast guard out on the great lakes and later as a light icebreaker.

The Alexander Henry has spent the last 30 years in Kingston, ON. In 1986 it was trusted to the Marine Museum of the Great Lake,s and became a museum ship as well as a seasonal bed and breakfast. In 2016, its lease was up and it was time to find it a new home.

With help from the Lakehead Transportation Museum Society and Thunder Bay City Council, the ship was able to find a new docking place for the foreseeable future. The ship itself was purchased from Kingston for $2, and was also given $125,000 from City Council to assist with bringing it back to Thunder Bay.

Having the ship back home will allow locals and visitors to get a sense of what Thunder Bay’s harbour has to offer and what it has done for the Great Lakes. As the ship once served as a museum and bed and breakfast, there is hope that it will continue to function in these ways. The opportunity to spend a night right on Lake Superior is something that for some could really be a rare opportunity. It will also be a focal point in Thunder Bay’s marina if docked at Pool 6.

It will have the potential to serve as a new spot for local school field trips, and as a way for the kids of the city to learn more about the city's shipping history. As well, the ship will continue to help grow the focus and attention on the developing waterfront area.

After facing a year of uncertainty the Alexander Henry has a new, old, home.

About Katie Dahl

Katie Dahl is a young professional writer with big dreams and a love of caffeine who currently lives in Thunder Bay. She has an HBA in History from Lakehead University as well as a Journalism diploma from Algonquin College and has had the opportunity to be the assistant managing editor of the Algonquin Times, as well as an assistant design editor for Glue Magazine.

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