Blueberry Blast: It's Pickin' Time In Nipigon 2024

There is no better place to pick blueberries than the old bush roads in the Nipigon area.

Late July and early August mean the wild blueberries are ripe and ready to pick in Northern Ontario. And there is no better place to pick wild blueberries than off old bush roads in the area around Nipigon, Ontario! Each year there are lots and lots of blueberries to pick—so many that it has resulted in the Blueberry Blast being held each year on the August long weekend.

Nipigon is located at the crossroads where Highway 11 and Highway 11/17 meet on the top of Lake Superior—just a short drive east of Thunder Bay.

What is the Blueberry Blast in Nipigon?

True Blue—Nipigon is one of the best areas for wild blueberries.

Join in the excitement every August at the Blueberry Blast Festival! This event is a perfect summer experience for the whole family, offering a fun mix of events and entertainment that will leave you smiling.

Experience the charm of Nipigon and its surroundings as the Blueberry Blast showcases the best of the area—enjoy local live music, savour delicious blueberry-themed foods, and shop the variety of unique creations from local artisans and crafters.

The Blueberry Blast festival isn't just an event; it's a chance to explore Nipigon and what makes it beautiful. It's also a fantastic opportunity for former residents to reconnect with friends and family and rediscover the area.

Vendor tents and and visitors in Paddle to the Sea Park, at the Blueberry Blast in Nipigon A large inflatable bouncy castle next to a blue lagoon surrounded by forest at the Nipigon Blueberry Blast Festival smiing people doing Tai Chi in a lush green park at the Nipigon Blueberry Blast Festival
Vendors at Paddle-to-the-Sea Park sell the most amazing baked goods and crafts, while featured activities run all weekend to offer fun for all ages.

Where and When is the Blueberry Blast Held?

The fun begins at 9 am Saturday of the August long weekend. Guided blueberry-picking tours set for 9 am start on both Saturday and Sunday.

The "Blueberry Taxi" for the guided berry-picking tours will bring you to and from the local, hot picking spots. Bring your own pail for berries, a good hat, bug spray and sunscreen. Water is provided.

Meanwhile, there is a pancake breakfast at the Royal Canadian Legion beginning at 9 am on the Saturday, to start the weekend off right. The daily vendors and events are centralized in Historic Downtown Nipigon, next to Paddle-to-the-Sea Park on 3rd street. Vendors are open from noon to 5 pm, and events run throughout the afternoon and into the evening at various venues near the park; more information can be found on the Nipigon Blueberry Blast Festival Facebook Page and the Blueberry Blast website.

What Else Is There To Do at the Blueberry Blast?

Aside from taking all those delicious berries home, festivalgoers get to enjoy live music and entertainment, events, games, crafts and draws. The weekend is packed with activities for both kids and adults (think themed dances, crafts, pancake breakfast, spaghetti supper, and tai chi in the park, to name a few). The dedicated central committee and local volunteers work to make sure the Blueberry Blast is a memorable celebration for everyone. Visit the Nipigon Blueberry Blast Festival Facebook Page for updates on this summer's vendors and events.

So if you enjoy picking blueberries, plan a trip to Nipigon for the August long weekend and take in the annual Blueberry Blast. Mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend filled with fun and fresh blueberries—a sweet experience for everyone!

a frame filled entirely with picked wild blueberries from the Nipigon Blueberry Blast Festival
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