Enter a World of Creative Potential at Lockstitch Fabrics

Thunder Bay's newest fabric store offers eco-friendly and natural fibre fabrics

A rainbow of zippers fill acrylic bins, rows of colourful thread march across a display rack while rolls of fabric cascade down one wall begging to be touched. There are shelves of patterns, ribbons and edgings and bolts of an array of fabrics in solids and prints both beautiful and whimsical.

When you step through the door of Lockstitch Fabrics in Thunder Bay, you enter a world of creative potential. The store itself feels like a studio space. It is open and airy with an exposed brick wall, a wooden beam running across the ceiling, and walls of slate gray and orangey yellow that make the shop cheery and cozy. If you are not already in to sewing when you walk in, you just might be by the time you walk out.

Owned and operated by Lisa Jeremias, Lockstitch Fabrics welcomes everyone interested in the textile arts, men, women and children alike. The store, with its emphasis on natural fibers and growing stock of apparel fabrics, is poised to become a hub for those both passionate about sewing and new to the craft.

With a steady supply of fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, hemp and even melton, Jeremias is excited to bring fabrics to town that have traditionally had to be purchased online or on road trips to bigger city centers. Her avid pursuit of textile arts also has Jeremias eager to educate and encourage sewing as a lifestyle choice, using environmentally friendly materials to create more environmentally friendly and ethically produced clothing.

Just learning? That’s great, says Jeremias, who believes if you want to sew, “Just jump in and get started.” Which is one of the reasons she offers workshops, classes and one-on-one sessions for all skill levels.

Love to create your own clothes but don’t have the space? No problem. Lockstitch Fabrics also offers for rent a sewing studio tucked away at the back of the store.

Looking to develop a new skill that that is good for your health? You’ve come to the right place, says Jeremias, who explains sewing is very therapeutic in its meditative nature.

While the bulk of the store is dedicated to carrying eco-friendly and designer fabrics, Jeremias also sells high quality tools, such as precision scissors and glass-head pins, which make any textile project go more smoothly and enjoyably. And on the third Saturday of each month after closing time Lockstitch Fabrics becomes a meeting place for crafters of all disciplines to come and work on projects, helping to create a sense of community.

Lockstitch Fabrics is located at 16 Cumberland Ave. N, directly across from the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel and Suites.

Visit online at lockstitchfabrics.com or check out their Facebook page for updates on classes and new products.

About Heather Peden

Heather Peden is a writer, blogger and photographer living in Neebing, Ontario, a rural neighbouring municipality south of Thunder Bay. Heather has a passion for what she calls “life in the wilds of Northwest Ontario”, and it's reflective in her blog, “Three Dogs and a Couch,” and photoblog “Light Sifting.”

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