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Pine Portage Lodge

Serving those who love the great outdoors for over 75 years.

Since I was first introduced to fishing, the sport has become almost an obsession with me. I love travelling in Ontario's beautiful Algoma Country and testing different waters. Recently, I had the pleasure of fishing at Pine Portage Lodge on Kaby Lake, which boasts big pike and walleye. 

Lodge History

This full-service fly-in lodge was originally founded by the Watson Family in 1946. It's family-friendly and pets are welcome. Kabinakagami "Kaby" Lake has numerous weed beds, shoals and dropoffs, and has excellent walleye and northern pike fishing.

Today, the lodge operates under new ownership and continues to offer the same incredible outdoor experiences and excellent fishing for new and returning guests. 

Fly Fishing Patterns

When fishing, I used streamer patterns for the most part and had non-stop action for pike and some walleye. Although I was fly fishing, the conventional tackle user can be very successful here using spinners, plugs, and jigs.

Packages, Services and Amenities

16-foot aluminum boats are available with 15-hp motors. The lodge also has a complete line of tackle, bait, ice and gas. After fishing activities include a backwoods golf-driving range, a pool table, a sauna, swimming, canoeing, hiking, satellite dish TV, Wireless Internet connection, mountain biking...and more!

Full American and Housekeeping plans are available. The meals are all home-cooked, and you never leave the table hungry! Guides are available on request, or you can head out and do your own thing. The beauty of the area is unbelievable. Abundant wildlife is in the area -- the chance of you seeing a moose, or bear, or waterfowl is high.

I was especially impressed with how the staff went out of their way to make sure we had a successful fishing trip. It seemed everywhere we went we caught fish.

To learn more about Pine Portage Lodge visit them on the web at or give them a call toll-free at 1-800-363-4443.

About Bill Spicer

Bill has been fly fishing for more than 25 years and is an accomplished fly tier, author, guide, teacher and is one of four FFF Certified Master Fly Casting Instructors in eastern Canada. Bill is the owner of Ontario School of Fly Fishing and is known as a Teacher's Teacher. A passionate angler, his specialty is stalking trout in the cold water streams of Southern Ontario and the Eastern United States. He is also a keen Great Lakes migratory steelhead and salmon angler. For the past 10 years, Bill has hosted The New Fly Fisher Television Show which is broadcast on WFN and PBS.