A visit from Destination Polaris

Fox Sports show hits Algoma and Explorers' Edge

UPDATE: The video from the Destination Polaris visit is ready and it really gives you a good idea of what to expect from the trails in both the Algoma Country and Explorers' Edge regions of Ontario!

August 2014

This fall, the Fox Sports TV show "Destination Polaris" will be riding two of Ontario's pre-eminent ATV touring destinations. Their first stop will be riding in Elliot Lake, part of Algoma Country, where they'll be riding the club trails of the Elliot Lake ATV Club. They'll arrive in Ontario via Sault Ste. Marie and make their way to Elliot Lake on the 30th of September. They'll stay at the ultimate northern getaway, Laurentian Lodge. Lucas Cooney of ATV.com visited the Elliot Lake trails in 2010; you can read his take on the trip here.

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To get an idea of what the trails are like in Algoma Country, check out the video below:

After some great northern fall riding, they'll head south to Gravenhurst and the Bayview Wildwood Resort in Explorers' Edge. Host of Destination Polaris, Laura Schara will ride with the ATV guides and rental experts, Redline Outdoors on October 2 before spending a night and then heading home from Toronto.

Laura Schara

For a taste of what riding in Explorers' Edge is all about, check the video below:

Check back here often for their progress! We'll be posting photos, videos, tweets and FB posts from their trip as it happens. As always, when riding your quad in Ontario, don't forget to use our hashtag #ontarioquadtrails!

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