Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in Ontario for 2024

A combination of old faves and up-and-comers make up this year's must-ride list.

Every year, we’re proud to do a recap of all the incredible riding there is to do in Ontario. Our top ten lists are the go-to spot to find out the best roads, twisties, tours, and more—and after two years of travel restrictions, we all know this is going to be one epic riding season!

With so many places to choose from, it only makes sense to revisit all of the routes we have to make sure you keep your summer (and fall) riding season full!

Here are the top ten moto routes for 2024. 

1. The Lake Temiskaming Tour

A long-time favourite here at Northern Ontario Travel, we boldly proclaim that the Lake Temiskaming Tour is the ultimate weekend ride in Ontario. The perfect balance of city stops with all the right things to see and do overnight, and enough riding to fill a two- or three-day weekend. Add in the boreal forests, and quiet backroads that don’t get the same deluge of cottage country traffic, and you’re made in the shade

2. The BIG LOOP - in The Great Canadian Wilderness

We recently saw this video with Jon Blaicher about his ride on The BIG LOOP in the Great Canadian Wilderness, and it made us fall in love with that route all over again. While the southern parts of the route have some amazing tight and twisty rides, they can get a bit crowded with the cottage country crowd on weekends—but once you make it up to Parry Sound, Burk’s Falls, and Port Loring, you’ll see a whole other side of this incredible area. Add in a trip through Algonquin Park and you’ll see why riders everywhere love this loop.

3. Ride Lake Superior

Of course Ride Lake Superior is going to be in our top five this year—not least of all because travel between the US and Canada is open again! Sure, you might have to jump through a couple of hoops to make it happen, but when you catch that view of the Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, or Old Woman Bay just outside of Sault Ste. Marie, you’ll know it's all worthwhile.

4. Ride the Highlands

For the roads alone, Ride the Highlands is a legendary riding destination. But when you add in the picturesque small towns, the history, the rolling hills, the farmland, the lakes, and the incredible food and drink—it's more than just the ride. In Ontario’s most rural area, everything is made by locals—and it feels like how you want every Ontario road trip to be. Welcoming, unique, and down-to-earth.

5. The Grand Algoma

Maybe the most chronically underrated motorcycle route in Ontario, we’ve been extolling its virtues for the last decade. While claims that Highway 129 is Ontario’s Tail of the Dragon are overstated, The Grand Algoma is still a killer ride. The whole trip takes riders into some of Ontario’s hilliest areas, meaning lots of fun elevation changes throughout, and incredible vistas of the Mississagi Valley and Lake Superior. 

6. Georgian Bay Coastal Route

A classic ride that’s been around even longer than we have—the Tobermory crossing has hopefully outlived its moment on TikTok and made the crossing a little easier for those of us on two wheels—but no matter, the ride through Grey and Bruce Counties rolling farmland, and the incredible Canadian Shield rock formations of Manitoulin Island make the Georgian Bay Coastal Route all worthwhile. And while we don’t love Highway 69, we do love Sudbury and it is the fastest way to get there!

7. L&A Rides

Lennox and Addington Counties have been pushing their 6 shorter motorcycle tours on the southern end of Ontario’s Highlands for the last few years, and we love riding there. While none of the routes are particularly technical, they're engaging, the roads are in good shape, and it's the perfect way to make your way further north. 

8. Cruise the Coast

Cruise the Coast takes riders through some of Ontario’s most stunning coastal areas, hugging the shores of Lake Erie, and bringing riders inland to the rolling countryside and farmland of Ontario’s Southwest. This area is where Port Dover’s Friday the 13th happens, and they even have a route named after it

The Cruise the Coast map is a must-pack when riding Ontario's Southwest. Photo: Jess Kline

9. The Roadmaster’s Loop

A new entry on the scene, but not to be ignored. After years of hard work by communities throughout the Northwestern section of Ontario comes an all-new touring loop itinerary just for motorcyclists. If you’re riding into Ontario from Winnipeg, or starting in Duluth, the Roadmaster's Loop is the perfect way to get acquainted with Ontario, with hand-picked stops all along the way. Keep your tank full, as there’s some decent space between stops—but that just means all the more riding!

Big skies between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. Photo: Viktor Radics

10. The Lion’s TaIl

A newer destination on the Bruce Peninsula, The Lion’s Tail is looking to become the next go-to riding destination in, not just Ontario, but Canada! Not to overshadow the many years of work done by Explore the Bruce, but this route is definitely a home-grown project, and as we know from years of riding in that area, it's a great ride along the northernmost edge of the Niagara escarpment with all of the cool cliffs, lookouts and windy backroads that come along with that.

Bonus: The Dirty Seven ADV Route


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