Highway 507 aka "The Buckhorn"

Find out why "The Buckhorn" is one of the best-loved motorcycle roads in the province and a perfect gateway to the Ride the Highlands routes.

“The 507,” aka “The Buckhorn.” Anything that starts with “The” has reached a certain level of fame. Or notoriety. Highway 507 or Buckhorn Road is the most well-known motorcycle road in southern Ontario for its 38 km (24 miles) of adrenalin-filled sweepers. It skirts the western edge of the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, so you’re guaranteed to see some of those pristine, quintessential views of forests and lakes that Southern Ontario is known for. It connects Highway 36 at the south to 503 in the north in Ontario's Highlands region. Want more smiles? Join it with Glamorgan Road to the north. Think of this as your entryway to the land of the Ride The Highlands routes.

The Curves

The curves. This is why this road has reached its legendary status, and it’s the reason why people having been riding two hours from Toronto to ride this road for years. While it’s not the twistiest of the Top 30 Motorcycle Roads in Ontario, it has a beautiful rhythm, with great sight lines through the corners. The surface is well paved, but the usual disclaimer applies to the roads in this area: road surfaces vary from asphalt to packed tar and chip, seasonal conditions may change, and road work may exist.

Where to Eat

There aren’t many amenities to be found along this road, which helps make it a great one for motorcycling. Nonetheless, you can have sit down meals at The Catch at Beaver Lake Road by Catchacoma Lake, or at Cheong’s Restaurant in Gooderham.

The Catch is a popular spot for riders to eat and meet up at

For more culinary choices, head to nearby Bobcaygeon or Haliburton. Gas is readily available in Flynn’s Store at the south, or at J&D’s in Gooderham at the north.  

As mentioned earlier, the 507 is in the heart of the Ride The Highlands riding area. It’s part of the Dynamite Alley and Riding and Relaxation routes, but could be easily added to almost all the RTH routes.

Fun Things To Do in the Area

Tory Hills Artech Studios produces great upcycled glass tableware and handmade barware

Head over to Artech Glass Blowing Studios in Tory Hill for unique hand-blown artisanal upcycled glass items and yes, beer glasses (the kind you drink out of). The Kawarthas are known for their outdoor activities, so take advantage with Deep Roots Adventure in Harcourt to rent a SUP or a canoe.

Stay at the motorcycle-friendly Bonnie View Inn, offering a 10% discount for riders: a perfect place to park your iron horse, cool your feet in Lake Kashagawigamog, and fall asleep to the sound of loon calls. Oh, and say hi to Daisy, their mascot potbelly pig.

A family owned and operated country inn, the Bonnie View Inn welcomes riders with a 10% discount.

Keep On Riding the Highlands

If you’re looking for some great photo ops, you can continue touring north to the Dorset Lookout Tower, the Avro CF-100 in Haliburton, and the Historic Haliburton Locomotive #2616.

View from the Dorset Tower
The Avro CF-100 jet in Haliburton makes a great photo op!
The Haliburton Locomotive is even bigger than it looks

With its predictable curves and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder why The 507/The Buckhorn has reached its a legendary status among many riders in Southern Ontario.

Note: Please ride this road respectfully. This road is used by cottagers, locals, and tourists. There are countless crashes on this road every year, some even fatal. If you want to test the limits of yourself and your bike, take it to a track.

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