RV Sites in Ontario: The Ultimate Guide

Amazing RV trips are composed of amazing stops, and with a wilderness as vast as Ontario's there is certainly no shortage of them. Here's our comprehensive, province-wide list of where to book an RV site that's right for you.

If you're planning to hit the open road and explore the beauty of Ontario in an RV, you've landed in the right place. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or embarking on your first RV adventure, this is your ticket to discovering the top RV campsites across the province. From serene lakeshores to lush forests, Ontario offers a multitude of RV campsites to suit every taste—so explore this cornucopia of camping spots, all waiting for you to park, unwind, and soak in the Ontario experience. 

If you know of an RV campground that should be added to the list, please email us at ian@thenewbusiness.ca.

RV Campgrounds in Ontario by Region:




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  • Chippewa Park,                   
    2465 City Rd., Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7J 1J7
    Many family amenities and activities, like Sunday concerts, beaches, trails, fishing, an amusement park, concession featuring Indigenous foods, kayaking, sport fields, melodramas, and more.

  • Cordingley Lake Campground,                   
    1-R Beach Road, Nakina, Ontario, P0T 2H0

  • Fort William Historical Park,                   
    1350 King Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7K 1L7

  • Happy Land Park Ltd,                   
    1-4650 Hwy 11-17, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, P7K 0J1

  • Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park                  
    Box 252, 4853 Hwy 11/17, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, P0T 1W0

  • Kenogamisis Lake Resort                  
    Kenogamisis Lake Road, Greenstone, Ontario, P0T1M0

  • Klotz Lake Camp                  
    HWY 11 North, PO Box 879, Longlac, Ontario, P0T 2A0

  • KOA Thunder Bay                  
    162 Spruce River Road, Shuniah, Ontario, P7A 0N6                  
    Great for families with a splash pad, two heated saltwater pools and a catch-and-release pond for trout fishing.

  • MacLeod Provincial Park                  
    Geraldton, Ontario, P0T 1M0

  • Neys Lunch & Campground                  
    ON-17, Neys, Ontario, P0T 2E0

  • Neys Provincial Park,                  
     P.O. Box 280, 1004 Hwy 17, Terrace Bay, Ontario, P0T 2W0

  • Nipigon Marina Campground                  
    2 Brennan Drive, Nipigon Ontario, P0T 2T0

  • O'Sullivan's Rainbow                  
    O'Sullivan Lake, Nakina, Ontario, P0T 2H0

  • Pasha Lake Cabins                  
    Ontario 801 Rd, Jellicoe, Ontario, P0T 1V0

  • Pass Lake Campground                  
    705 Hwy 587 Pass Lake, Ontario, P0T 2M0

  • Penn Lake Park                  
    61 Penn Lake Rd., Marathon, Ontario, P0T 2E0

  • Poplar Lodge Park                  
    ON-580, Poplar Lodge, Ontario, P0T 1G0

  • Pukaskwa National Park                  
    ON-627, Heron Bay, Ontario, P0T 1R0

  • Rainbow Falls Provincial Park                  
    P.O. Box 280, 1004 Hwy 17, Terrace Bay, Ontario, P0T 2W0

  • Riverview Campground                  
    100 Riverview St., Longlac, Ontario, P0T 2A0

  • Royal Windsor Lodge                  
    RR#1 (Orient Bay) Nipigon, Ontario, P0T 2J0

  • Skyview RV Park,                  
    Hwy 11, Longlac, Ontario, P0T 2A0

  • Sleeping Giant Provincial Park                  
    R.R. #1, Pass Lake, Ontario, P0T 2M0

  • Stillwater Tent & Trailer Park                  
    358 Hwy 11/17 Nipigon, Ontario, P0T 2J0

  • Trowbridge Falls Campground                  
    125 Copenhagen Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 6B3

  • Wabigoon Lake RV Park                  
    10188 Hwy 17, PO Box 194, Wabigoon, Ontario, P0V 2W0

  • White Wolf Resort Campgrounds & Cottages                  
    1216 Hwy 584, Geraldton, Ontario, P0T 1M0

  • Wild Goose Lake Campground                  
    8 Kueng's Rd, Greenstone, Ontario, P0T 1M0

  • Wild Goose Lake Resort                  
    4 Kueng’s Road, Geraldton, Ontario, P0T 1M0

  • Wolf River Campground                  
    251 Wolf River Road, Dorion, Ontario, P0T 1K0

Visit Superior Country for more info on camping and RVing in the region.


  • Aaron Provincial Park                 
    P.O. Box 2, 479 Government Street, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y7

  • Arrow Lake Provincial Park                  
     Nolalu, Ontario

  • Blue Lake Provincial Park                  
    P.O. Box 2, 479 Government Street, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y7

  • Caliper Lake Provincial Park                   
    P.O. Box 1760, Kenora, Ontario, P9N 3X7

  • Ojibway Provincial Park                  
     P.O. Box 2, 479 Government Street, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y7

  • Pakwash Provincial Park                   
    227 Howey Street Box 5003, Red Lake, Ontario, P0V 2M0

  • Quetico Provincial Park                  
    108 Saturn Ave., Box 2430, Atikokan, Ontario, P0T 1C0

  • Rushing River Provincial Park                   
    P.O. Box 1760, Kenora, Ontario, P9N 3X7

  • Sandbar Lake Provincial Park                   
    P.O. Box 2, 479 Government Street, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y7

  • Silver Falls Provincial Park                   
    Unnamed Road, Unorganized Thunder Bay District, Ontario, P0T

  • Sioux Narrows Provincial Park                  
    P.O. Box 1760, Kenora, Ontario, P9N 3X7

  • Clearwater West Lodge                  
    Clearwater West Lake, ON-622, Rainy River, Unorganized, Ontario, P0T 1C0

  • Camp Quetico                  
    Eva Lake, ON-11, Atikokan, Ontario, P0T 1C0

  • Crystal Beach Resort                  
    22 Lakeview Road P.O. Box 1226, Atikokan, Ontario, P0T 1C0

  • Amberlite Resort                  
    Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, P0T 1W0

  • Dog Lake Resort                  
    R.R.#14, Box 30, Site 12  Dog Lake Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5E5

  • Fort William Historical Park                  
    1350 King Rd, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7K 1L7                  
    Fort William is one of North America's largest living history sites, and the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory, home to one of the largest telescopes in Central Canada. Fort William Historical Park also offers year-round RV and tent camping and rental RVs.

  • Rugby Lake Lodge & Campground                  
    985 Rugby Lake Rd, Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y7                  
    Enjoy hunting, fishing, ATV and snowmobile trails and a hiking trail to Rugby Lake waterfall.

  • Merkel's Camp                  
    Muskimerk Road, Wabigoon, Ontario, P0V 2W0

  • Pine Sunset Lodge                  
    P.O. Box 55, 290 Robertson Road, Dinorwic, Ontario, P0V 1P0 

  • Bonny Bay Camp & RV Park                  
    222 Bonny Bay Rd, Dryden, Ontario, P0V 2W0 

  • Huber's Lone Pine Lodge                  
    267 Bear Paw Lonepine Rd, Wabigoon, Ontario, P0V 2W0 

  • Lac Seul's Golden Eagle Resort                  
    6 Evergreen Lane, Box 325, Ear Falls, Ontario, P0V 1T0 

  • Lac Seul Wilderness Resort                  
    450 Highway 105, Ear Falls, Ontario, P0V 1T0 

  • Goose Bay Camp                  
    551 ON-657, Ear Falls, Ontario, P0V 1T0

  • Pakwash Lake Camp                  
    90 Pakwash Lake Road Box 128, Ear Falls, Ontario, P0V 1T0

  • Tall Pines Camp                  
    1 Tall Pines Road, Perrault Falls, Ontario, P0V 2K0

  • Procyk's Angler's Paradise Lodge                  
    P.O. Box 1100, 1 Procyk Road, Red Lake, Ontario, P0V 2M0

  • Sunset Lodge on Red Lake                  
    4 Sunset Road, Red Lake, Ontario, P0V 2C0 

  • Gull Rock Lake Lodge                  
    P.O. Box 326, South Bay on Gullrock, Red Lake, Ontario, P0V 2C0

  • Lac Seul Whitewing Lodge                  
    80 White Wing Rd, Ear Falls, Ontario, P0V 1T0

  • Tomahawk Resort & RV Park                  
    111 Tomahawk Road, Sioux Narrows Ontario, P0X 1N0

  • Laughing Water Trailer Park                  
    10 Heithecker Drive, Sioux Narrows, Ontario, P0X 1N0

  • Lakeview Lodge                  
    21 Lakeview Rd, Nestor Falls, Ontario, P0X 1K0

  • Clarke and Crombie Camp                  
    33 Dock Rd, Nestor Falls, Ontario, P0X 1K0

  • Vic and Dot's Camp                  
    Whitefish Bay Rd, Sioux Narrows Nestor Falls, ON P0X 1K0

  • Timber Edge Camps                  
    Box 596 4103 Timber Edge Rd, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, P8T 1A8

  • Abram Lake Park                  
    1041 ON-72, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, P8T 0A7

  • Donnelly's Minntaki Lodge                  
    140 Minnitaki Rd, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, P0V 2T0

  • Harris Hill Resort                  
    Lake of the Woods 5209 Fishery Rd off Hwy 600, Rainy River, Ontario, P0W 1L0

  • Mylie's Place                  
    380 Vauthey Rd, Morson, Ontario, P0W 1J0

  • Lake Despair Lodge                  
    RR 1, Devlin, Ontario, P0W 1C0

  • Labelle's Birch Point Camp                  
    RR #1 Birch Point Road, Rainy River, Ontario, P0W 1C0

  • Hideaway Lodge                  
    D550, Dam Rd, Rainy River, Unorganized, Ontario, P0W 1E0

  • Buena Vista Resort                  
    155 Buena Vista Drive, Morson, Ontario, P0W 1J0

  • Timber Wolf Lodge                  
    Hwy 502 North, Fort Frances, Ontario, P9A 3M5

  • Pye's Landing                  
    Trans-Canada Hwy, Clearwater Bay, Ontario, P0X 1S0

  • Redden's Camp                  
    4433 Highway 17, East Kenora, Ontario, Canada P0X 1H0

  • Birch Dale Lodge                  
    225 Eagle Lake Dr, Waldhof, Ontario, P0V 2X0

  • Young Lake Lodge                  
    Kenora, Unorganized, Ontario, P0V 2S0

  • Press Lake Camp                  
    Highway 599, Ignace, Ontario,

  • Cozy Camp                  
    HM69 ON-599, Ignace, Ontario, P0T 1T0                  
    Only a 3.5 hour drive from the U.S. border, with paved roads right to their door.

  • Oz Lake Lodge & Motel                  
    ON-599, Pickle Lake, Ontario, P0V 3A0

Visit Sunset Country for more info on camping and RVing in the region.





  • Alpine RV Resort                  
    46 Alpine St, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R1

  • Anchor Bay Camp                  
    197 Anchor Bay Rd, Lakehurst, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Arrowhead Camp & Resort                  
    5676 Arrowhead Rd, Bailieboro, Ontario, K0L 1B0

  • Balsam Lake Provincial Park                  
    2238 County Road 48, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Balsam Lake Trailer Park & Marina                  
    136 Highgate Rd, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Bayview Park Resort                  
    160 Terrace Rd, Marmora, Ontario, K0K 2M0

  • Bell Haven Park                  
    544 Peterborough County Rd 36, Trent Lakes, Ontario, K0M 1A0

  • Bensfort Bridge Resort                  
    1821 County Rd 2, Bailieboro, Ontario, K0L 1B0

  • Birch Cove Campgrounds                  
    3010 Pigeon Lake Rd, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, K0M 1A0                  
    Facilities include a boat launch with 120 floating docks.

  • Birdsall Beach Resort,                  
    1170 Birdsall Line, Hastings, Ontario, K0L 1Y0

  • Blairton Tent and Trailer Park                  
    64 Blairton Town & Township Rd, Havelock, Ontario, K0L 1Z0

  • Brighton KOA Holiday                  
    15051 Telephone Rd, Brighton, Ontario, K0K 1H0

  • Buckhaven RV Resort                  
    3038 HWY 36, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Buckhorn Narrows Resort Ltd                  
    352 Buckhorn Narrows Rd, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Camp Ashtabula                  
    626 Elim Lodge Rd, Lakehurst, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Camp Fisherman                  
    42 Fire Route 75, Lakehurst, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Castleton Hills RV Park                  
    103 Park Rd, Castleton, Ontario, K0K 1M0

  • Caygeon Cove Resort                  
    12 Fire Route 122, County Rd #36N, Trent Lakes, Ontario, K0M 1A0

  • Cedar Valley Cottage Resort                  
    657 Thunder Bridge Rd, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R1

  • Centennial Trailer Park                  
    943-944 Centennial Park Rd, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Cobourg East Campground                  
    253 Benlock Rd, Grafton, Ontario, K0K 2G0

  • Double M RV Resort & Campground                  
    101 Ridgewood Rd, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R2

  • Dreamland Resort                  
    885 River Rd, Hastings, Ontario, K0L 1Y0

  • Duck Lake RV Resort                  
    2612 Victoria Rd, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Emily Provincial Park,                  
     797 Emily Park Rd., P.O. Box 340, Omemee, Ontario, K0L 2W0

  • Ferris Provincial Park                  
    474 County Rd. 8, Campbellford, Ontario, K0L 1L0

  • Fisherman's Paradise Resort                  
    1571 13th Line E, Trent Hills, Ontario, K0K 2M0

  • Friendly Acres Park                  
    278 Friendly Acres Rd, Hastings, Ontario, K0L 1Y0

  • Green Acres RV Resort - Bobcaygeon                  
    2806 Pigeon Lake Rd, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, K0M 1A0

  • Harmony Resorts - Stoney Lake                  
    23 Cheboutequion Dr, Lakefield, Ontario, K0L 2H0

  • Head Lake RV Resort                  
    2412 Monck Rd, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Highland View Resort                  
    751 McGregor Bay Rd, Keene, Ontario, K0L 2G0

  • Holiday Pines                  
    1014 Asphodel 2nd Line, Hastings, Ontario, K0L 1Y0

  • Indian River Family Resort                  
    2140 Trans-Canada Highway 7, Indian River, Ontario, K0L 2B0                  
    An intimate resort with 24 serviced seasonal sites and trailer rentals.

  • Islandview Resort,                  
     2824 River Avenue, Youngs Point, Ontario, K0L 3G0

  • Kawartha Trails Resort                  
    100 Old Bridge Road, Otonabee, Ontario, K9J 6Y3

  • Lancaster Cottage & Trailer Resort                  
    691 Frank Hill Rd, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6X3

  • Lilac Lodge RV Resort                  
    2806 Pigeon Lake Rd, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, K0M 1A0

  • Log Chateau Park                  
    1691 County Rd 121, RR 2, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, K0M 1N0                  
    For ATV enthusiasts: a trail runs right through the park.

  • Lovesick Lake Beach Resort                  
    4738 Hwy 28, Burleigh Falls, Ontario, K0L 2H0

  • Lutterworth Valley Trailer Park Ltd.                  
    1039 Caravan Lane, Minden, Ontario, K0M 2L1

  • Oak Bay Resort,                  
    24 George St, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0                  
    With only one transient RV site here, they can only accommodate one RV up to 35’ at any time.

  • Pigeon Lake Park                  
    1418 Tracey's Hill Rd, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R5

  • Pineaires Resort                  
    54 Fire Route 32, Elbow Pt. Rd, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0

  • Pinewood Cottages and Trailer Park Ltd.                  
    42 Liberty Lane, Omemee, Ontario, K0L 2W0

  • Presqu'ile Provincial Park                  
    328 Presqu’ile Parkway, Brighton, Ontario, K0K 1H0

  • Riverwood Park                  
    78 Riverwood Park Rd, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 0K2

  • Rockcliffe Park                  
    2728 Monck Road 45, Kirkfield, Ontario, K0M 2B0

  • Salem Woods Trailer Park                  
    448 Blyth Park Rd, RR 4, Colborne, Ontario, K0K 1S0

  • Sandy Beach Resort & Trailer Court,                  
     26 Oliver's Lane, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, K0M 1N0

  • Shelter Valley Park                  
    1806 Shelter Valley Rd, Grafton, Ontario, K0K 2G0                  
    Award-winning 18 hole golf club on site.

  • Spring Rock Camp                  
    2770 Millage Rd, Young's Point, Ontario, K0L 3G0

  • Stoney Point Resort                  
    1003 River Rd, Hastings, Ontario, K0L 1Y0

  • Theona Park Resort,                  
     770 Scollard Line, Ennismore, Ontario, K0L 1T0

  • Tower Manor Family Cottages & Campsites                  
    5194 Tower Manor Road, Hamilton Township, Ontario, K0L 1E0

  • Trailer Park on the Bay & Cottages                  
    7322 Hwy 35, Coboconk, Ontario, K0M 1K0

  • Wessell's Adult Trailer Park                  
    8314 Hwy 35, Minden, Ontario, K0M 2L1

  • Woodland Campsite,                  
    209 Allen's Rd., Lakehurst, Ontario, K0L 1J0






  • Bay Meadows Park                  
    153 County Rd 27, RR 3, Consecon, Ontario, K0K 1T0

  • Cedar Cove Campground & Cottage Rentals                  
    79 Carter Rd, Carrying Place, Ontario, K0K 1L0

  • Cedardale Family Campground & Seasonal Resort,                  
    107 Cedardale Rd, Carrying Place, Ontario, K0K 1L0

  • Colasante's RV Park & Marina,                  
     97 Carter Rd, Carrying Place (Quinte West), Ontario, K0K 1L0                  
    A park for mature adults.

  • County Shores,                  
    2281 Prince Edward Road 15 (Northport Road), Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0

  • Highland Park Resort                  
    510 County Rd 39, Consecon, Ontario, K0K 1T0

  • Log Cabin Point,                  
    146 Outlet Rd, RR 1, Cherry Valley, Ontario, K0K 1P0

  • North Shore RV Park                  
    1675 County Road 64, Carrying Place, Ontario, K0K 1L0

  • Sandbanks Provincial Park                  
    3004 County Rd. 12 RR#1, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0

  • Sandbanks River Country Campground                  
    1854 County Rd 18, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0

  • Smugglers Cove RV Resort                  
    3187 County Rd 13, RR 3, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0

  • Sun Retreats Sandbanks                  
    37 Lake Avenue Lane, Cherry Valley, Ontario, K0K 1P0

  • Quinte's Isle Campark                  
    237 Salmon Point Rd, Cherry Valley, Ontario, K0K 1P0                  
    Through the summer there’s a packed daily activity schedule for kids, and Saturday nights throughout feature a variety of musical guests for all ages.

  • The Sandbanks Cottages and Campsites,                  
    50 Valhalla Lane, Picton, Ontario, K0K 1P0

  • Willow Cove,                  
    568 Prince Edward County Rd 39, Consecon, Ontario, K0K 1T0



Bissell's Hideaway Resort,                  
205 Metler Rd, RR 1, Ridgeville, Ontario, L0S 1M0                  
Features a large pool supervised by certified lifeguards, a waterslide, and splash pad.

Campark Resorts                  
9387 Lundy's Ln, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6S4                  
On weekends throughout the summer they offer a variety of unsupervised programs for kids, including wagon rides, dance parties and an outdoor cinema. Premium activities at an extra cost include laser tag, axe-throwing and an escape room!

Harmony Resorts - Crystal Beach,                  
1154 Gorham Rd, Ridgeway, Ontario, L0S 1N0

N.E.T. Camping Resort                  
2325 Victoria Ave, Fenwick, Ontario, L0S 1C0

Riverside Park Motel & Campground                  
13541 Niagara River Pkwy, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6S6

Scott's Tent and Trailer Park                  
8845 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2H 1H5

Shangri-La Niagara                  
3425 17th Street, RR 1, St. Catharines, Ontario Canada, L2R 6P7                  
Lots of outdoor activities including movies, billiards, disc golf and mini putt.

Sun Retreats Sherkston Shores                  
490 Empire Rd, Sherkston, Ontario, L0S 1R0                  
A funplex on site includes a waterpark with three large water slides, a high ropes course, rock climbing wall and bungee trampoline.

Windmill Point Park & Campground,                  
2409 Dominion Rd, Ridgeway, Ontario, L0S 1N0

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ Niagara,                  
8676 Oakwood Drive (East Service Road), Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 0J2                  
Advertised as the closest campground to the Falls on the Canadian side, this park welcomes Big Rigs and features an Arcade, outdoor theatre, and in the summer months, a giant inflatable water slide.


Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park,                  
20237 Kennedy Rd, East Gwillimbury, Ontario, L0G 1V0                  
This camp is for those who follow “traditional naturist values,” including complete nudity.

Cedar Beach Resort                  
Musselman’s Lake, 15014 Ninth Line, Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 7X3

Cedar Park Resort,                  
6296 Cedar Park Rd, Bowmanville, Ontario, L1C 0W6                  
A water park on site features large slides and a splash pad.

Cedar Valley Resort                  
4739 Cedar Valley Rd, Orono, Ontario, L0B 1M0

Credivale RV Park                  
14158 Mississauga Rd, Caledon, Ontario, L7C 1W5

Darlington Provincial Park                  
1600 Darlington Park Rd., Bowmanville, Ontario, L1C 3K3

Earl Rowe Provincial Park                  
4998 Concession #7, Tosorontio Township, Ontario, L9R 1W1

Elm Grove Trailer Park,                  
439 Catering Rd, Sutton West, Ontario, L0E 1R0

Grangeways RV Park & Family Campground,                  
 9700 Concession 3, Sandford Ontario, L0C 1E0

Harmony Resorts - Grand Valley                  
174366 Dufferin County Rd 25, Grand Valley, Ontario, L0N 1G0

Primrose Park                  
635687 Highway 10, Mono, Ontario, L9V 0Z8

Sibbald Point Provincial Park                  
26071 York Rd 18 (Park Road), Sutton West, Ontario, L0E 1R0

Toronto West Campground                  
9301 2 Line, Milton, Ontario, L0P 1B0                  
Limited nightly availability, since this park is largely for longer-term and monthly stays.

Trout Water Family Camping Ltd                  
1600 Hwy 7 East, Sunderland, Ontario, L0C 1H0

Sandaraska Park                  
156 Sandaraska Rd, Pontypool, Ontario, L0A 1K0                  
Got a horse? Certain sites come with covered wooden pens so you can bring your horse with you!


  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park                  
    1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 4J7

  • Cedars Campground                  
    1039 Concession 5 West, Millgrove, Ontario, L0R 1V0                  
    A campground for members of the LGBTQ community, with amenities including a licensed pool bar and licensed nightclub.

  • Coral Park Campground                  
    7520 McNiven Rd, Campbellville, Ontario, L0P 1B0

  • Fernbrook Resort,                  
    57 Concession 12 E, Freelton, Ontario, L0R 1K0                  
    The resort also has a year-round 50+ adult active lifestyle section.

  • Flamboro Valley Camping Resort                  
    1158 Regional Road 97, Flamborough, Ontario, N0B 2J0

  • Maple Grove RV Resort                  
    1488 Gore Rd, Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0

  • Milton Heights Campground                  
    8690 Tremaine Rd, Milton, Ontario, L9E 0E2

  • Nor Halton Park                  
    6230 25 Side Rd, Acton, Ontario, L7J 2L7

  • Olympia Village Campground and RV Park,                  
    #12 -1161 4th Concession W, RR2, Waterdown, Ontario, L0R 2H2

  • Pine Valley Park                  
    955 Valens Road, Branchton, Ontario, N0B 1L0                  
    Food trucks visit on the weekends between May and October.

  • Sun Retreats Flamborough                  
    792 Safari Rd, Millgrove, Ontario, L8B 1S8


  • Auburn Riverside Retreat                  
    38382 Blyth Rd, Auburn, Ontario, N0M 1E0                  
    There are wild elk on-site (in a fenced-off area.)

  • Bingemans Camping Resort                  
    425 Bingemans Centre Dr, Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 3X7

  • Bluewater Golf Course & Campground                  
    77416 Bluewater Hwy, Bayfield, Ontario, N0M 1G0                  
    Complete with a target-style golf course.

  • Concordia Club Campground                  
    1212 Christner Rd, New Hamburg, Ontario, N3A 3K7                  
    Located on the farm that’s part of the Concordia Club celebrating German culture.

  • Conestoga Family Camp Grounds Inc.,                  
    RR#1 Moorefield, Ontario, N0G 2K0

  • Country Gardens RV Park                  
    1335 Witmer Rd, Petersburg, Ontario, N0B 2H0

  • Driftwood Beach Resort                  
    90856 Driftwood Beach Road, Clifford, Ontario, N0G 1M0

  • Emerald Lake Trailer Resort & Water Park                  
    7248 Gore Rd, Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0                  
    Inflatable water park in the quarry lake.

  • Family Paradise Campground                  
    43835 Hullett McKillop Line, Walton, Ontario, N0K 1Z0

  • Green Acre Park                  
    580 Beaver Creek Rd, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3Z4

  • Happy Hollow Campground Inc. & RV Sales,                  
    70 Drury Lane, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 3X9

  • Highland Pines Campground & RV Sales                  
    8523 Wellington Rd 19, Belwood, Ontario, N0B 1J0

  • Hillside Lake Park,                  
    673 Brant-Waterloo Rd, Ayr, Ontario, N0B 1E0                  
    Some eight to ten-month extended-stay sites are available.

  • Holiday Beach Family RV Park                  
    1652 Puddicombe Rd, New Hamburg, Ontario, N3A 2Z4

  • Lakelet Point Campground                  
    90577 Mill Street, RR#1, Clifford, Ontario, N0G 1M0

  • Landings Campground                  
    1073 Witmer Rd, Petersburg, Ontario, N0B 2H0                  
    Heated swimming pool and swimming pond with an inflatable water park.

  • MacKenzie Tent & Trailer Park                  
    85324 MacKenzie Camp Rd S, RR 3, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 3X9

  • Maitland Valley Marina & Resort Park                  
    100 North Harbour Rd W, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 3Z2

  • Murphys Point Provincial Park                  
    2243 Elmgrove Road, R.R. 5, Perth, Ontario, K7H 3C7

  • Nith River Campground                  
    4417 Wilmot Easthope Rd, New Hamburg, Ontario, N3A 3S8

  • Paul Bunyan Lake Front Resort                  
    75559 Lidderdale St, Bayfield (Bluewater), Ontario, N0M 1G0

  • Pike Lake Golf Centre Limited                  
    Unit P-01, 9625 Pike Lake Rd, RR 3, Clifford, Ontario, N0G 1M0

  • Pine Echo Camp                  
    91064 Belmore Line, Wroxeter, Ontario, N0G 2X0

  • Riverbend Park                  
    4838 Pioneer Trail, Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0

  • Sun Retreats Stratford                  
    6710 Line 46, Bornholm, Ontario, N0K 1A0

  • Whistle Bare Campground                  
    1912 Whistle Bare Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5S3

  • Windmill Family Campground,                  
    2778 Perth Rd 163, Fullarton, Ontario, N0K 1H0


  • Blue Heron Resort                  
    2093 Lakeshore Rd, Dunnville, Ontario, N1A 2W8                  
    If you’ve got a Class A, this spot claims they host some of the largest sites in the industry.

  • Bruce's Landing RV Resort                  
    1019 Haldimand County Rd 17, Cayuga, Ontario, N0A 1E0

  • Campers Cove                  
    21097 Campers Cove Rd, Wheatley, Ontario, N0P 2P0

  • Casey's Park                  
    333585 Plank Line RR 1, Salford, Ontario, N0J 1W0

  • Century Beach RV Resort                  
    2057 Lakeshore Rd RR 9, Dunnville, Ontario, N1A 2W8

  • Duttona Family Campground                  
    7728 Coyne Rd, Wallacetown, Ontario, N0L 2M0                  
    Fibre internet is available at every site for an additional fee.

  • Erie Shores Campground                  
    949 County Rd 50, Essex, Ontario, N0R 1G0

  • Golden Pond RV Resort,                   
    4340 Cromarty Dr, Mossley, Ontario, N0L 1V0                  
    Snowbirds: there’s a special section with park models available to those requiring an extended season.

  • Great Canadian Hideaway,                  
    32910 Centre Rd, Parkhill, Ontario, N0M 2K0                  
    Features a supervised 1500 sq. ft. heated pool as well as a natural beach and a 200-acre man-made lake for fishing.

  • Green Haven Trailer Park                  
    52 Ontario St N, Grand Bend, Ontario, N0M 1T0

  • Happy Hills Resort                  
    RR 3, Rd 92 923590, Embro, Ontario, NOJ 1J0                  
    Stellar recreational amenities include a BMX bike track and skateboard park.

  • Harbour Side Family Trailer Park                  
    7477 Riverside Dr, Port Franks, Ontario, N0M 2L0                  
    Short-term overnight camping is not available as this is a seasonal trailer park. A large recreation hall hosts many events throughout the season, like Bingo, pot-luck dinners, darts and dances.

  • Harmony Resorts - Long Point Bay                  
    70 Bluewater Ave, St Williams, Ontario, N0E 1P0

  • Highland RV Resort                  
    1958 North Shore Dr, Lowbanks, Ontario, N0A 1K0                  
    Amenities include a pickleball court, mini golf, and winter storage.

  • Holiday Harbour Resort                  
    20951 Pier Rd, Wheatley, Ontario, N0P 2P0

  • Ipperwash Family Campground                  
    9731 Army Camp Rd, Ipperwash, Ontario, N0N 1J3

  • Knight's Beach Resort                  
    2190 Lakeshore Rd W, Dunnville, Ontario, N1A 2W8                  
    Features a ½ mile beach and a 10,000 square-foot recreation complex.

  • Lakeside Village Motel and RV Park                  
    2416 Talbot Trail, Wheatley, Ontario, N0P 2P0

  • Lighthouse RV Resort                  
    1980 Regional Rd 3 E, Dunnville, Ontario, N0A 1K0                  
    Gated community with card-operated security gate, a games room and clubhouse lounge.

  • Long Point Provincial Park                  
    P.O. Box 99 350 Erie Blvd, Port Rowan, Ontario, N0E 1M0

  • MacDonald Turkey Point Marina Inc                  
    92 Clubhouse Rd, Turkey Point, Ontario, N0E 1T0                  
    This 750-slip marina also has 79 seasonal RV sites, with limited short-term sites.

  • Maple Grove Christian Retreat Centre                  
    194936 Line 19, Thamesford, Ontario, N0M 2M0                  
    A Christian-oriented camping centre offering camps and retreats.

  • Mitchell's Bay Marine Park Ltd,                  
    3 Allen Rd, Mitchell's Bay, Ontario, N0P 1L0                  
    A marina with 131 seasonal sites and 25 transient sites.

  • Paradise Valley                  
    4895 Lakeshore Rd, Plympton, Ontario, N0N 1J6

  • Pinery Provincial Park                  
    9526 Lakeshore Road RR2, Grand Bend, Ontario, N0M 1T0

  • Point Farms Provincial Park                  
    82491 Bluewater Highway R.R.3, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 3X9

  • Port Burwell Provincial Park                  
    9 Wilson Lane, Port Burwell, Ontario, N0J 1T0

  • Prospect Hill Campground                  
    1142 Perth Rd 139, Granton, Ontario, N0M 1V0

  • Rochester Place Golf Club & Resort,                  
    981 County Rd 2, Belle River, Ontario, N0R 1A0                  
    A stay includes access to the 18-hole golf course, a 5-star restaurant, and heated saltwater pool.

  • Rock Glen Family Resort,                  
    8685 Rock Glen Rd, Arkona, Ontario, N0M 1B0

  • Rock Point Provincial Park                  
    215 Niece Rd, Dunnville, Ontario, N1A 2X5

  • Rondeau Provincial Park                  
    18050 Rondeau Park Road, Morpeth, Ontario, N0P 1X0

  • Rus-Ton Family Campground,                  
    9787 Lakeshore Rd, Grand Bend, Ontario, N0M 1T0

  • Selkirk Provincial Park                  
    151 Wheeler’s Sideroad, R.R. # 1, Selkirk, Ontario, N0A 1P0

  • Shady Pines Campgrounds                  
    11316 Petty St, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, N0M 1A0                  
    Facilities include pickleball, beach volleyball, shuffleboard and more.

  • Shore Acres Trailer Park                  
    574 Radical Rd, Port Dover, Ontario, N0A 1N2                  
    This is a pet-free, tent-free and golf cart-free facility.

  • Sun Retreats Amherstburg                  
    4610 County Rd 18, Amherstburg, Ontario, N9V 2Y7                  
    Each site comes with WiFi access!

  • Sun Retreats Cayuga,                  
    107 Haldimand Hwy 54, Cayuga, Ontario, N0A 1E0

  • Sun Retreats Ipperwash                  
    9537 Army Camp Rd, Lambton Shores, Ontario, N0N 1J3                  
    No worries if you forgot your summer reads, there’s a library on site.

  • Sun Retreats Turkey Point,                   
    61 Mole Side Road, Normandale, Ontario, N0E 1W0                  
    Lots to do between planned activities like scavenger hunts and karaoke nights, as well as a games room.

  • Sun Retreats Willow Lake,                   
    14 Willow Lake Private Rd RR 1, Scotland, Ontario, N0E 1R0                  
    Artesian wells feed the 13-acre lake which has a floating raft and waterslide.

  • The Lakewood RV Resort                  
    22499 Gray Line, Port Glasgow, Ontario, N0L 2C0

  • The Summer Place Marina & Campground,                  
    18254 Kent Bridge Rd, Morpeth, Ontario, N0P 1X0

  • Trout Haven Park                  
    24749 Park St, Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 3H5                  
    Amenities include public-use hammocks and a trout pond with equipment rentals and bait. They’ll even clean your catch and pack it on ice.

  • Turkey Point Provincial Park                  
    194 Turkey Point Rd., Turkey Point, Ontario, N0E 1T0

  • Wheatley Provincial Park                  
    21116 Klondyke Road, P.O. Box 640, Wheatley, Ontario, N0P 2P0

  • Wildwood Golf & RV Resort Inc.                  
    11112 11th Concession Rd, Essex, Ontario, N0R 1J0                  
    Their seasonal section is for adults 55+ and amenities cater to an “adult lifestyle community,” including an 18-hole golf course, two heated swimming pools and a restaurant.

  • Willow Lake Campground and RV Park                  
    595487 Oxford 59, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 7W1

  • Woodhaven Leisure Resort & RV Park                  
    9385 Ipperwash Rd, Lambton Shores, Ontario, N0N 1J3                  
    If tournaments are your thing, they host a variety, including Texas Hold’em, darts, and golf.

  • Woodland RV Park                  
    266 Townline St, St Williams, Ontario, N0E 1P0                  
    A family park with adult-only swim times in the heated pool. 

About Northern Ontario

Welcome to Northern Ontario, Canada! Bigger than Texas, wilder than the west, more welcoming than a campfire in October, Northern Ontario is like no place else. Sunset Country is famous for its spectacular fishing lakes, Superior Country has friendly towns and a superior coastline, Algoma Country has bucket list drives and epic outdoor adventure, and the Northeast provides excellent vacation destinations close to Toronto and other large urban centres in Southern Ontario.

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