Entomica: NEW Insectarium And Mill Market Opening Events!

Mill Market, Sault Ste. Marie's newest addition to agriculture and set to open in a week's time – is so much more than a Farmers Market. The site contains a soft launch of all the wonderful attractions soon to come to Mill Square in the form of Destination North. Destination North is a not-for-profit project that artfully balances the needs of a tourism venue and a downtown core revitalization by cultivating job-creating social enterprise components.

Mill Market's prime location - on the Waterfront Hub Trail, sharing the road to the Historic Canal and Whitefish Island, neighboring The Casino and Station Mall, and under the gaze of the International Bridge – make it an exciting attraction to visitors and Sauites, alike.

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Entomica – an exhibit housed in the Market building's annex – is a place where visitors can discover the fascinating, hidden and often misunderstood world of insects through live interactive displays. Guests will be guided by helpful and knowledgeable staff, whose enthusiasm and love of insects is palpable! John Dedes, leader of the Entomica venture, intones of the project "Insects possess an outstanding ability to create a spark of curiosity that will lead to a passion for lifelong learning and discovery."


Aazhogan Anishnabek is a representation of the joint exploration of collaborative opportunities between Mill Square and the Batchewana First Nation with the common goal of enriching the narrative of historical, traditional, and contemporary Anishnabek culture. The Famers Market hopes to deepen this cultural exchange by creating a weekly fresh fish market – and is starting during Opening Week by hosting a fish fry with Mike and Sara Neveau from Goulais Bay's famous Fish & Chips and Catering.

The Farmers Market is home to over 25 vendors from the Algoma region – and growing - from Mennonite Farmers and young agrarians to unique artisans, local musicians and community groups. It provides an opportunity for agricultural enthusiasts to push the boundaries of Northern Ontario's colder climate, using innovative season extension techniques to provide local food year-round.


Mill Market – with all its components – is set to become an iconic venue and celebration space for downtown Sault Ste. Marie. Mill Market has three Opening Week events: a Dress Rehearsal and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 4th at 2:30pm, Opening Day Farmers Market on June 7th from 8am-2pm, and a Vegetarian Potluck on June 7th from 5pm-7pm.

Mill Market Farmers Market will be open Wednesdays 3pm-7pm, and Saturdays from 8am-2pm, with a Flea Market soon to open on-site Sundays from 11am-3pm.

Community members interested in volunteering or vending at Mill Market have plenty of opportunities to participate and can contact Alison Lynes, Market Manager at (705) 257 9658 or alison@millmarket.ca.

For more information on Mill Market, including vendor or volunteer opportunities and market hours, please visit www.millmarket.ca. For more information on the Mill Square Development and Destination North please visit www.millsquare.ca.

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A sneak peek inside the future of Entomica:

Insects possess an outstanding ability to create a spark of curiosity that will lead to a passion for lifelong learning and discovery.

Entomica is based on engaging personal interaction. We will create immersive exhibits that go beyond static displays to create unique hands-on experiences for visitors of every age and background.


With the combination of fully interactive displays and personal interaction we will create a physical and intellectual space where curiosity for insects and the biological world can be nurtured and thrive. Entomica will draw upon the strengths of the surrounding communities to catalyze partnerships that promote community engagement with scientific endeavors and conservation efforts in the region.

Entomica will be an entity where passion, discovery, and wonder meet to create a dynamic learning environment.


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About Alison Lynes

Alison Lynes began exploring organic agriculture while studying at Dalhousie University. Her first experiences playing in dirt came from farming internships across Nova Scotia. She has since worked for seed companies, nurseries, and organic food markets, managed and owned farms and sold produce through restaurants, CSAs and farmers markets. Since moving to Sault Ste Marie, Alison has begun work as a food logistics coordinator with the Student Nutrition Program, and is now managing Mill Market.


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