Hiking in the North

Relax and decompress among the trees, fresh air, chirping birds, and waterfalls. These three nature hikes are a true escape within the city.

Fort Creek & Finn Hill Extensions of the HUB Trail are both wheelchair accessible and part of a 25-km (15.6 mile) multiuse path system that links areas of the city and points of interest; including the downtown Boardwalk, Bellevue Park, Algoma University, Sault College, the hospital and Fort Creek Conservation Area. You will see pine, cedar and spruce, as well as, balsam fir, poplar, aspen, white birch, yellow birch, red maple and sugar maple trees. Birds you might encounter include the ruffed grouse, woodpeckers, ducks, great blue herons, pileated woodpeckers, yellow shafted flicker, redwinged blackbird, black-capped chickadee, the American robin, and nuthatches. Outdoor and nature enthusiasts can enjoy walking and cycling in the summer and snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter.

FinnHillHUBTrail2 johnodonnell

The Fort Creek extension of the HUB Trail, is a 5 km/3.1 mile (out and back) stretch of paved pathways and bridges winding through the peaceful wooded Fort Creek Conservation Area, including a bird’s eye view from two bridges, of the wetlands below. The primary purpose of the Fort Creek Conservation Area is flood control, but also provides a great benefit to animals as a habitat area and to us for recreational enjoyment.

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The Finn Hill extension of the HUB Trail is a 5.2 km/3.2 mile (out and back) paved trail that begins in the parking lot at the bottom of Finn Hill. Winding through a forested area, this trail is mostly flat with a challenging hill at the turn around. In the spring, fresh green ferns carpet the ground and during the fall, tall orange and yellow maples, birch, and poplar colour the canopy overhead. Bring a snack and a beverage and finish your nature walk with a panoramic, seated view towards the East at the top of Finn Hill near the parking lot.

FinnHillHUBTrail johnodonnell

Crystal Creek Falls is part of Kinsmen Park located adjacent to Hiawatha Highlands. The falls are easy to get to and makes a nice stop for a casual afternoon with your family. It is a great location for the photo enthusiast or artist to sketch. The entrance to Kinsmen Park is located a few hundred metres past the Kinsmen Centre at  780 Landslide Road. Follow the road into the park until you reach the parking lot next to the pond. The park is open from 9am-9pm from late spring until November. It is about a 1 km/0.6 mile stroll to get to the top of the falls. You will arrive there upon a wooden walkway that parallels the Crystal Creek with platforms at the base, beside and above the falls. Take advantage of the picnic area to relax and enjoy a quiet lunch. If you want to explore a little more, hike around the pond crossing Crystal Creek, walk along the causeway and then across a footbridge and back to the parking lot.

HiawathaFall2 johnodonnell

Whether you are a visitor or live here in the city, these accessible and beautiful trails will help you enjoy family time, unwind and rejuventate.

Watch more videos about Sault Ste. Marie and area recreation & attractions, visit www.lakesuperiorpark.com

At www.soomaps.com you will find a map of the complete HUB Trail system

For more information about Kinsmen Park, and the Hiawatha Highlands visit www.hiawathahighlands.com

Photos by John ODonnell, Story by Paula Trus - Sooites.

Visit www.saulttourism.com for more information on things to see and do in Sault Ste. Marie!

About Paula Trus

Paula is an artist, photographer & video editor, who loves spending time in the urban outdoors, wilderness of Algoma, and in Lake Superior Provincial Park; hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, fishing, and camping in all seasons. The adventures experienced influence all of my work from the colours of the sky to the smell of fresh air, and the ruggedness of Superior's coastline.  Whether painting, drawing, photography, or video, my goal is to express the colours, moods, and character of each subject;  and to remind people of how beautiful these places are, bring back memories, or inspire someone to give a gift to themselves by taking the time to connect with nature.

paula trus  |   www.connectwithnature705.com

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