Riding Around Shelburne and Orangeville - Snowmobiling in Ontario

Snowmobiling on Ontario Snowmobile Trails around Shelburne and Orangeville

Drive north on Airport Road from Highway 89 through Mansfield to just past Sideroad 15; there is a car and trailer park on the right (east) side. See green “P” on trail map. Drop off here and head west to B109 at intersection 404. Turn right on B109 and head to intersection 407 where you should turn left and take the Lavender and Granny Trails down to intersection 308 just outside Shelburne. Turn right on the Primrose trail and go to intersection 301.

Turn left here and follow the rail line trail to B109 at intersection 202, turn right and head to intersection 201. At this point you can find fuel and food. After this take the Hillsburgh trails (purple on the guide) south from intersection 201 and follow this trail to B202 at intersection 105. Turn left here and take B202 to intersection 104; turn right here and head to the Erin Country Inn just past intersection 100. Here you can find accommodation and food; fuel is available just down the trail at Brisbane.

The next day head north from the inn and turn right at intersection 100, then turn left at 101 and then right at 102. Follow this trail to intersection 109 where you should turn right again. At intersection 201 turn right on to B109, fuel up if necessary. Follow B109 up past Orangeville to intersection 401 and turn right on to the Alliston trails (yellow on your guide). Stay on this trail to intersection 402 and turn left. This trail takes you through the Dufferin Forest and back to your starting point at the green "P" by intersection 403.

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