Horwood Lake Lodge: Snowmobiling and the White Moose

New owners and the same great hospitality await riders this winter!

Snowmobile enthusiasts wanting to get off the beaten path are heading north towards Timmins this winter, to Horwood Lake Lodge. Riders are in search of not only pristine winter sledding but also a chance to witness one of Ontario’s rarest creatures in its natural environment—the spirit moose. 

First, I would like to introduce you to the new proprietors of this unique Northeastern Ontario refuge! 

Meet Doris & Warren: Horwood Lodge’s new proprietors

Doris and Warren Reinke are the new owners and operators of Horwood Lake Lodge, taking over from Mike and Jaana Brazeau, who ran this little slice of heaven for many years. The Reinke’s took possession of Horwood in April 2021, at a time when other businesses were grappling with the economic downturn due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the Reinke’s are not at all faint of heart, and this lodge already had an established clientele in a special corner of Ontario—located 34 km south of Hwy 101 and the nearest OFSC trail, on Kenogaming road about 40 minutes west of Timmins. 

Horwood Lake Lodge hosts hundreds of happy snowmobilers each winter and it's also home to the fabled white moose. More on those moose later.

Snowmobile paradise!

As Doris Reinke explains, adventurous travelers will certainly find kindred spirits at Horwood Lake. “There are miles and miles of ungroomed trails, roads, and lakes. This area is custom made for those who like to explore and go where no one may have gone before!” said Doris.

Snowmobile enthusiasts in search of pristine wilderness will be in their element up here. “There’s no need to worry about going off-trail and accidentally trespassing,” Doris explains. Snowmobiling is a 60-year tradition at Horwood Lake Lodge and the Reinke’s are hoping to continue this winter legacy. As a result, they welcome all snowmobile enthusiasts!

Trails and Trail Maps for Horwood and the surrounding area

With loads of snow and easy access to a variety of trails, the snowmobiling allure of this region is as vibrant today as it was in the early days. For snowmobilers who prefer to ride recreational OFSC Prescribed Trails beyond Horwood Lake, Timmins is in OFSC’s Snowmobile District 14. Check out OFSC's Interactive Trail Guide for the latest trail status. And for more information on maintained snowmobile trails around Horwood, check out the Go Tour Ontario snowmobile guide.

Please take note that everyone who operates a snow machine for receational riding on OFSC trails in Ontario is obliged to have a permit. Purchase yours here!

Horwood Lodge Amenities: winterized cottages, wifi, and meal plans

The lodge boasts comfortable winterized cottages heated with propane furnaces to keep you nice and toasty on those cold evenings after a long ride. For any guests wanting to cook for themselves, the cottages come with fully equipped kitchens. Each one boasts three-piece bathrooms, comfortable beds, and all the linens are supplied with no need to bring sleeping bags, and pillows when you stay at Horwood Lake. Cottages are also equipped with high-speed wifi, TVs, and DVD players, and they offer custom meal plan options for guests including a hot served breakfast, box lunch, and a full-course dinner. 

This year, Horwood will be opening the main lodge for lunch and supper to any guest who happens by, not just overnight clientele. They will be offering lunch and dinner menu options to the general public Friday, Saturday, and Sundays starting Mid-January.

Spirit Moose watching: you’ve never seen wildlife like this before

The woods around Horwood Lake Lodge is home to the fable white moose also known as a spirit moose among the nearby Flying Post First Nations people, whose lands are located northwest of Timmins. The moose are not believed to be albino but are a distinct subspecies, and owe their appearance to a recessive gene. According to Doris Reinke, sightings of these special all-white moose are fairly common around the lodge since they often winter on the peninsula that extends out into Horwood Lake. 

See you at Horwood Lake

For winter adventure types looking for a quiet out of the way destination, where fresh-packed trails or pristine untraveled powder snow awaits, Horwood lake lodge is the place for you. A place where new owners Doris and Warren Reinke are there to greet you and perhaps, if you are fortunate, a white spirit moose as well. For more information check out Horwood Lake Lodge.

Enjoy the great outdoors this winter and perhaps I will see you on the trails!

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