Nothing Beats Ontario Snowmobiling!

Trail riding defines Ontario snowmobiling. 32,000+ kilometres of Ontario snowmobile trails are resurfaced regularly by heavy industrial equipment like that used on major ski hills. Marked, mapped and interconnected, this unique, high tech snowmobile trails system is operated by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). It’s designed to provide snowmobile-friendly access to hundreds of snowbelt communities with top-notch facilities, services and staging areas, and primo snowmobile conditions.

So whether you want to experience the down-home hospitality of a quaint rural village, or the lights, action and attractions of a big city, you can get there by snowmobile trail. Simply choose your destination : stay in one spot and ride day trips or saddlebag while overnighting from place to place for as long as your heart desires. You can snowmobile one of many well-established, self-guided tours or join a guided tour group. Or meet new riding companions and learn the local snowmobile trails through your community snowmobile club.

You haven’t lived until you skim down an Ontario snowmobile trail, whisking around corners and scooting along impressive straight-aways. Or experience snow flakes twinkling like little diamonds as you ride. Or until you enjoy a trailside hot chocolate, while the kids play in the snow. Or visit a winter carnival or a maple sugar shack, or club event. Or until you fall into a weary, but deeply satisfied sleep at the end of your day’s ride, dreaming of what new winter adventures and fantastic snowmobile conditions tomorrow will bring. So go snowmobiling to discover winter in Ontario!

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About Craig Nicholson—The Intrepid Snowmobiler

Popularly known as The Intrepid Snowmobiler, Craig Nicholson is an International Snowmobile Hall of Fame journalist who specializes in recreational snowmobiling activities. Craig has snowmobiled in every region of Canada and many states. His one-of-a-kind tour book, “Canada’s Best Snowmobiling – The Ultimate Ride Guide”, chronicles his adventures, as does his website and Facebook page.

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