The OFSC Family of the Year: Bud and Doreen Knowles—Video

This past February I had the great opportunity to ride the two big loops in the Greater Sudbury area as part of a ride to honor the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) Family of the Year. This award is given annually to a family voted have given the most to Ontario’s incredible trail system. It’s an incredible honor that also includes an all-expense paid trip with two days on the trails.

When I arrived at the Chateau Guay Motel I met this year’s winning family, Bud and Doreen of the Baxter Snow Riders, for the first time. Rather than sitting back and relaxing on their vacation, the two were hunched over their laptop checking trail statuses to ensure that there were no issues on the OFSC’s 10,000+ miles of interconnected trails. Talk about dedication.





About Mike Jacobs

Mike is an avid Northern traveller, having spent years traversing its backroads, and visiting its remote lodges and fun cities by car, RV, motorcycle, and boat. There's always something new to discover in the North and Mike never shies away from the next great adventure. Mike is the chairman of the board for the Tourism Technology Company.

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