10 Hidden Gems in Sudbury

Looking for some of the lesser-known and overlooked hidden gems in Sudbury? We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 fantastic places that offer everything from local shopping, attractions, and delicious baked goods.

1. Bay Used Books

Bay Used Books
Bay Used Books

Since 1975, Bay Used Books has offered Sudburians unique reads and a place to trade their books for something new. This year, Bay Used Books came out on top of Sudbury Community votes as it was ranked the best book store and best place to find rare, used books. From exploring the endless selection to taking in that glorious used-book smell, this hidden gem is an experience even non-readers can enjoy.

2. Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach
Moonlight Beach

Sudbury has plenty of lakes and beaches to explore, but Moonlight Beach is one of the best the city has to offer! The crisp sand and the blue water are a Canadian blue-flagged beach, meaning it is not only environmentally friendly but also a fantastic place to swim! Bring your beach towel, a drink and an umbrella to enjoy the summer at Moonlight Beach!

3. Wolf Mountain

Wolf Mountain
Wolf Mountain is a Hidden Gem for ATVers

Are you looking for a unique adventure? Wolf Mountain has you covered with the ATV experience of a lifetime. Drive through the rugged landscape of the boreal forest and experience the beauty of nature! You’ll have the chance to pass by serene lakes and towering trees. This is truly an experience you cannot miss out on!

4. Northern Exotics

Northern Exotics

Sudbury is known for its thriving wildlife, but what if I told you that in the heart of the city, there lives a tropical jungle? Northern Exotics features over 100 exotic animals that you can visit, learn about and perhaps even hold. Located on Kathleen Street, this hidden gem has everything from tree frogs to axolotls.

5. Up Here Murals

Sudbury Murals
You are Beautiful – We Live Up Here

Sudbury has a rich arts community, as is clear from the evidence of artistic talent as murals line the streets of downtown. From specific art styles to powerful messages, and even playful pictures, I bet you can’t find every mural in the city. The Up Here festival occurs annually and contributes to the growing murals, even offering guided tours of the lovely artwork. Next time you’re taking a stroll, download the Up Here app to take a self-guided mural tour!

6. Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls
A.Y. Jackson Lookout, Onaping Falls

The sound of rushing water becomes apparent before you see this hidden gem. Onaping Falls is such a beautiful sight even The Group of Seven couldn’t help but capture it. From a hiking trail right alongside the flowing water to a bridge spanning across the falls, this scenic location showcases the beauty of nature and is also the perfect location for a photo, no matter the season!

7. The Night Owl

The Night Owl
The Night Owl

Are you reminiscing about the roaring 20s? The Night Owl has the perfect flapper-era speakeasy atmosphere! Reserve online and head to Elgin Street for a night of smooth jazz and fine dining. From a payphone secret entrance to a quaint interior, this dining experience is bound to be a memorable one. Make sure to dress the part as well!

8. The Garden of Life

The Garden of Life
The Garden of Life

Are you searching for an outdoor scenic experience? The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum has you covered with its beautifully done Garden of Life! From watching the koi fish swim to enjoying the historical trains and taking in the lush green environment, this hidden gem offers something for the whole family!

9. The Grotto

Sudbury Grotto
Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

Near the city’s core, The Grotto overlooks downtown with its towering pillars and picturesque architecture. This location is a hub for portrait photography, whether it be special occasion photos or just a quick selfie. The Greek-inspired structures are breathtaking and offer a unique setting to enjoy.

10. Leinala’s Bakery

Leinela’s Bakery
Leinala's Bakery

Since 1961, Leinala’s has been offering tasty homemade Finish treats from Pulla to Jelly Pigs! They recently relocated to Regent Street and are better than ever! This bakery is a must-stop place when you are in Sudbury and features scrumptious treats you’re bound to devour before you get out the door.

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