5 Winter Date Activities in Sudbury That Won’t Break The Bank

Sudbury is full of experiences that make winter sparkle, and some of the best are crazy inexpensive! Here is a list of magical, affordable dates to share with your special someone.
a man and woman facing each other and smiling, skating down an ice trail at sunset

Are you tired of the same indoor dinner dates during winter? Need some romantic date ideas that won’t break the bank? This winter, we’re doing ALL the fun date activities! The city of Sudbury, Ontario has so much to offer, from skating on Lake Ramsey to delicious spots for food and drink, but here are some of my most wallet-friendly winter favourites, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Try Walden Ski Club

Where: 1 Denis Avenue, Naughton

Cost: $36 total (Rentals: skis, poles, boots + day pass)

Hours: 9 am to 9 pm

If you’re seeking a winter wonderland date, go to Walden Ski Club! This gem offers picturesque trails that are nothing short of magical. The dreamy, well-maintained trails wind through lots of trees, creating the perfect romantic setting. With trail lengths ranging from 1-5 km and gentle slopes perfect for beginners, Walden is an ideal spot for a relaxing yet adventurous date. Afterwards, warm up your hands with some hot chocolate you can purchase from the chalet!

Date Tip: Go for an evening ski! The lights come on the 3 km loop after 5 pm and you can witness the trail come alive under the stars, turning your cross-country ski session into a magical, romantic journey. Plus, it is cheaper to ski in the evening!

a smiling woman on cross-country skis on a snowy forested ski trail at dusk an indoor arena with the Sudbury Wolves on the ice, the bleachers full of fans
There are lots of ways to find cozy winter fun with your sweetheart in Sudbury. // Walden's Ski Club and the Sudbury Community Arena

2. Go to a Sudbury Wolves OHL Game

Where: Sudbury Community Arena - 240 Elgin Street

Cost: Tickets range from $23-$27

The Sudbury Community Arena, a classic venue downtown built in 1951, hosts the mighty Sudbury Wolves. This OHL team is currently number one in their division, and their games promise a date night filled with energy and excitement. Tickets start as low as $23, offering you and your date an experience of invigorating chants, a suspended taxidermy wolf that emerges whenever they score a goal, and the roar of the crowd with every bad call.

A live game experience is unbeatable. If you’re hungry, food and drinks are available from the several concession stands around the arena. And did I mention the live giveaways? The in-arena host gives out a ton of prizes from local businesses throughout the game. For $23 a ticket, it’s a date you don’t want to miss!

Date Tip: Opt for seats near the center ice (section 14 or 4) for the best view of the action. These sections are also usually fuller, which means more giveaways in these areas!

3. Enjoy Nina’s Way Skate Path

Where: Kivi Park, 4472 Long Lake Rd

Cost: $10 for a day pass, byo skates

Hours: 11 am to 9 pm

There’s a reason this skating trail features in so many engagement photos and romantic portrait sessions! The twinkling lights along the 1.3 km path winding through the beautiful birch trees of Kivi Park make for a magical evening skate. Make sure you check the skating trail conditions before you go.

Date Tip: Bring a thermos of something hot and warm up in a cozy Muskoka chair near the outdoor fireplaces. (If you’re feeling flush, you can always stop by the Kivi Cafe for a hot beverage and a snack).

4. Go Sledding!

two wooden chairs on the top of a snowy hill overlooking Sudbury, with a sled sitting next to them. Two bearded men in long sleeve tops and hats with snow and trees.
Great moments don't have to cost a thing—try sledding and have some laughs together. // @kivipark

Where: In front of Kivi Park - beside the parking lot.

Cost: Free! (if you have a sled already).

An exhilarating date that won’t cost you a dime? Sounds ideal. Sledding is not only exciting, but is bound to make you giggle uncontrollably. Picture the wind on your face as you speed down a snow-covered hill with your date cheering you on! Even better if they join you on the sled. It’s not just romantic; it’s downright FUN!

Luckily for us, Greater Sudbury has an abundance of sledding hills. The small hill beside the Kivi Park parking lot provides the perfect setting—not too large, but enough to get your hearts racing. So grab your sleds, bundle up, and unleash your inner child.

If you need sleds, you can find them at most large retail stores like Walmart or Giant Tiger for less than $20. After this fun date, don’t forget to warm up with a visit to Salute Coffee for a much-needed hot beverage!

Date Tip:  Safety first! Since these hills are not maintained by the city, slide at your own risk. Check the hill and surrounding areas for potential hazards such as big rocks and trees.

More sliding hill locations in Sudbury.

5.  Visit Sudbury’s Famous Outdoor Gallery

an colourful outdoor mural in Sudbury of a sleeping bear in a forest

Where: All around Sudbury

Cost: Free!

Volunteer-run, non-profit organization We Live Up Here has been transforming bare space into jaw-dropping murals since 2013, creating and curating over 50 public artworks in the Sudbury area. You can spend an entire afternoon exploring downtown Sudbury, admiring the unique styles and narratives of the many talented artists. Check out a comprehensive overview of each mural and its artists, or do a DIY mural walk. You can also download the We Live Up Here user-friendly app to assist your self-guided mural tour. For art lovers, the city’s outdoor gallery is truly a highlight, showcasing incredible and inspiring pieces by talented artists from Canada and around the globe.

Date Tip: Grab a coffee, a treat, and a blanket and end the evening at frozen Ramsey Lake—find a seat among the architectural installations along the Skate Path (created by students of Sudbury’s McEwen School of Architecture) to watch the sunset.

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