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Over the last five years, We Live Up Here has established quite the reputation in the arts and culture industry. Each summer they host the Up Here Festival, a four day music and arts festivals located within Sudbury’s Downtown. Each year, We Live Up Here organizes and creates a number of murals painted alongside alleyways and building throughout Downtown Sudbury. Today, more than 20 murals can be found, helping to beautify our Downtown. With all the buzz about the latest mural additions, we decided to go explore and check out this outdoor art gallery for ourselves. In no particular order, here are some of the beautiful outdoor pieces that have helped brighten our Downtown core:

“Village International” by Sarah King Gold            

Location: Elgin Street, Behind Village International

This beautiful mosaic mural was created out of recycled glass; it represents the cultural, economic and environmental principles of the non-profit organization, Village International.

By Irvin Marshall              

Location: Medina Lane beside Reg Wilkinson Clothing

This mural remains a mystery with an unknown title and back story.

“Great Blue Heron” by Mique Michelle

Location: Ste. Anne Road & Mackenzie Street

This artist’s childhood connection to the outdoors, water and her Métis roots inspired this new addition to Sudbury’s outdoor gallery.

“Queer the North” by Kirsten McCrea

 Location: Elgin Street beside Zigs Bar

This unique mural features nine different artistic styles and patterns to depict overlapping pieces of wallpaper that have been torn away; McCrea states that this represents society itself. 

"Space Monkey"

Location: Durham Street across from YMCA

This unknown mural remains a mystery with an artist and back story. 

“Vous Êtes Ici” by Alexandra Berens-Firth

Location: Minto Street on the side of Old Rock Café

Inspired by historical iconography and signage, this mural was meant to be a landmark for the entrance to Downtown Sudbury.

“Oma’s Fables” by Troy Lovegates

Location: Durham Street by YMCA entrance

This mural is inspired by Troy’s familial heritage as it represents one of Troy’s grandmother’s stories; Troy now continues the family tradition of story-telling through art.

“Stay Wild” by Tracy Baker          

Location: Memorial Park

Like all of Tracy’s work, this colourful, nature-based design features elements of nostalgia, warmth and playfulness, and brightens up our downtown park.

Throughout the city there are 24 electrical utility boxes that were painted by a variety of local artists. The power up project was created as a way of beautifying our downtown sector, turning a simple object into something beautiful.

By Julieanne Steedman

“This Too Will Change” by We Live Up Here

Location: Brewers Lofts on Alder Street

This simplistic but powerful mural refers to both our ever-evolving society and the building itself. What was once an old brewery site will one day be transformed into something new.

“Untitled” by Ola Volo                  

Location: Elm Street, behind the Mackey Building

In this beautiful, earth-based mural, Ola uses history, multiculturalism and folklore to bring together animals, people, architecture, and nature.

“The Blue Moose” by Hobz         

Location: Old City Hall Lane, next to Respect is Burning

This two part mural shows Hobz’s influences of pop culture and comics and is sought out by every tourist.

"Togetherness" by Neil Nenkova

Location: The Kingsway across from First General Services

This beautiful mural contrasts masculine and feminine and industry and nature. The man, a miner, is consumed by thoughts of his warm and loving wife while underground.

“Had me at Hello” by Nico Glaude

Location: Brewers Lofts on Alder Street

This mural depicts the initial spark between two people and the rare moment of “hitting it off”. 

“Under Ground” By Emmanuel Jarus

Location: 58 Lisgar Street across from Kuppajo

The newest addition to downtown’s outdoor gallery is this mining-inspired mural. A sense of eeriness and mystery is captured in this story of Sudbury’s first female miner.

Some murals were just too big to capture! Head over to for more magnificent murals in Downtown Sudbury.

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This article was written in collaboration with Emily O'Connel 

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