Access Remote Fishing Without Flying

Let's face it, some people just don't like flying. A boat-in fishing outpost offers remote fishing without ever needing to board a plane.

For some of us, the thought of flying instils a fear that we just can't overcome. While I'm lucky enough not to be in this category, some people are—and for them, accessing a remote fishing location may, at first, seem impossible. I have good news for you: in Ontario's Sunset Country our vast number of lakes—many interconnected —offer anglers the opportunity to boat-in to a remote fishing location that has the look and feel of a fly-in outpost. 

Several of our member outfitters offer their guests a remote fishing experience that can be accessed by boat. These remote outposts can often take a bit of a boat ride to get to, but in the end you'll find yourself in a far-off location on a lake where other anglers don't usually go—and where the quality of the fishing is second to none. 

Advantages of a Boat-in Outpost

There are several advantages to choosing a boat-in outpost including:

  • You can bring your own boat. No learning new boats or compromising the fishing system and set-up that your own boat allows you to follow.
  • You can bring more stuff. Unlike a plane that has strict weight limits, boats offer you the ability to bring in more gear than you could on a fly-in trip.
  • Nothing to fear. For all of you that suffer from aviophobia don't worry, a boat in outpost is the answer to all your prayers to go on a remote fishing trip.
  • Weatherproofing. In most cases, bad weather that would ground a plane (like a low cloud ceiling) will not prevent a boat from going out on the water. 
  • Affordability. Because the cost of a flight in to and out of the outpost is not part of the price, a boat-in outpost is more affordable than a fly-in trip.
  • Remoteness. People go to a boat-in outpost to get away from the busier activity at a traditional drive-in lodge.

These advantages are real and meaningful and, again, you get that same quality of fishing and remote feel without having to board an airplane. 

Booking a Trip to a Boat-in Outpost

It's easy to book a trip to a remote boat-in outpost in Ontario's Sunset Country. Below is a list of our members that have boat-in outpost cabins. Contact one of them and they'd be happy to help you set up a trip.

Boat-in Outposts in Sunset Country

Manitou Weather Station Fishing Lodge - Lower Manitou Lake

Brown's Clearwater West Lodge - Clearwater West Lake

Canada North Lodge - Woman River

Cobblestone Lodge - Godden Lake

Cozy Camp - English River System

Dogtooth Lake Resort - Direct Lake

Frog Rapids Camp - Marchington Lake

Ghost River Lodges - Marchington Lake

Goose Bay Camp - Nungesser Lake

Halley's Camps - Umfreville Lake

Stanley's West Arm Resort - Eagle Lake - West Arm

Totem Resorts - Lake of the Woods

Williams Lake Lodge - Lac Seul/Williams 

Woman River Camp - Woman River/Confederation Lake

About Gerry Cariou

Gerry Cariou est le directeur de la région touristique «Ontario's Sunset Country». Il est un grand amateur de pêche et un photographe. Gerry écrit sur les expériences touristiques à vivre dans la région depuis plus de 20 ans et vit toutes sortes d'aventures tout au long de l'année à partir de Kenora, en Ontario.  

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