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Catch ’N Relief

Muskie expert Pete Maina hosts a cast of characters in each new episode of a YouTube series, exclusively filmed ion Sunset Country’s beautiful lakes and waterways.

Ontario’s Sunset Country has been a long sought-after destination for anglers, experienced and beginners alike. Its beauty and bounty are the obvious draws, but its real treasure is the shot at a true trophy fish.

Pete Maina hosts a new YouTube series that highlights the landscape as well as the fish we offer here in Sunset Country. Follow along as he brings a cast of characters out onto our waters for their very own shot at a trophy.

There are now five episodes live on the YouTube Channel, which can be found by clicking these links or searching Catch ’N Relief on Youtube.

From a father/son/uncle trip on Lake of the Woods for bass and walleye to introducing new anglers to the intense but addictive sport of muskie fishing, Catch ’N Relief travels across Sunset Country showing folks just what real-life experiences they could have on a trip of their own up here!


Ancient Anglers on Lake of the Woods

In this episode, Tex, Uncle Bob, and Pete head out on Lake of the Woods from Smith Camps in Kenora, Ontario. The first day goes off without a single hitch, the second day Uncle Bob decides to pick up the fly rod.

Does he manage to catch a bass or even walleye on his fly rod? Or does the camerawoman show him up for good?

Tune in to find out, but try not to drool over the fish fry footage at Smith Camps!


Movies and Music

Famed music producer David Bendeth and Canadian actor and voiceover master Phillip Williams join Pete for muskies out of the beautiful Wiley Point Lodge. They experience some pretty high highs and low lows, as it goes with muskie fishing!


Muskie Ladies

Completely new to muskie fishing, these ladies––one Canadian and one American––experience fishing toothy predators with Pete out of the cozy boat-in retreat, Grassy Narrows Lodge.

Quick learners is an understatement; within a few hours, the entire boat and its anglers acted like a well-oiled machine. Were both ladies able to get into the muskie of their dreams? Tune into this fun upbeat episode and try not to catch yourself smiling with these ladies contagious good attitude.


Power Couple Have a Power Struggle With Muskies

Steve and Tanya Anthony are no strangers to cameras and the spotlight, but they are certainly new to bait casters and figure eights. Check out how well their spotlight(?) skills help them keep their cool chasing muskie on the dynamic Dinorwic Lake.

Staying with Pine Sunset Lodge just east of Dryden Ontario, they have the advantage of a multi-species lake and a chance at some true trophies with both pike and muskie.

Episode Five 

A Surprise Muskie Trip on Lake of the Woods with Pete Maina 

Ken Krongard wanted to surprise his fishing crazed son, Jake, with the trip of a lifetime. Having kept this Lake of the Woods trip with Pete Maina a secret for months, Ken was finally able to share with Jake the adventure they were about to have. But they could have never imagined it'd turn out like THIS. 

Staying at boat-in Crow Rock Lodge, the entire crew got into muskies on this trip, even the videographer! 


Fishing Instead of Wishing 

Pete Maina is joined by the crew of Amsoil, Clam and John Gillespie's Waters and Woods Television Show for a couple of days fishing with Andy Myer's Lodge on Eagle Lake and the Indian Lake Chain for muskies, walleye, and smallmouth bass! 

Episode Seven

Fighting Fish with Combat Vets 

Joined by U.S Veteran Mac Smith, and Canadian Veteran, Sheldon Roberts, Pete fishes Lake of the Woods based out of Smith Camps in Kenora, Ontario. These vets share stories about their time in service, what it means to have a brotherhood continuing after serving, and how activities like fishing improve their quality of life. 


Crashing the Laettner Family Vacation

Christian Laettner has been staying at Grassy Narrows Lodge for 10+ years at least once or twice a summer. A muskie nut himself, Laettner makes a point of bringing his family up and giving his kids the chance to experience Canadian fishing as well! 


Head over to the channel and be sure to subscribe to tune into more episodes on the way. Follow along for extras, such as behind the scenes, bloopers, trailers, and more.

Episodes to look forward to

  • Joined by Miss Muskie on the Indian River Lake Chain and Sunset Country Adventures, Pete and the crew go fishing for muskies late fall with suckers and hook up with some really rare trophies!
  • Sharing quality time on the water is important so Pete brings his son and a friend up for muskie fishing at Grassy Narrows Lodge. 
  • Pete experiences an all-time career low and adds (actual) insult to injury on Lac Seul with Winoga Lodge, but the reward was worth the slump, and so many more!
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