Fantastic Fall Northern Lights That You Have To See To Believe

Large amounts of solar energy caused the auroras to dazzle far beyond the northern sky.

This past week has brought perfect conditions for seeing spectacular displays of northern lights all across the country, and there's still more yet to come.

According to a post by CBC Winnipeg, a small break in the Earth's magnetic field has caused enormous amounts of solar energy to seep through into the atmosphere, generating northern lights that are brighter than normal for this time of year.

The lights started on Tuesday, September 6th, just after the labour day long weekend. All week hundreds of aurora enthusiasts ventured through backyards and countrysides late into the night to see a cosmic ballet of greens, blues, and purples that are by far some of the best we've seen to date. The lights have continued to illuminate the sky every night this week which has made for some truly astounding photographs.

Here are just a few of the incredible photos of the northern lights taken this past week.

Amazing combinations of colours burst through into the early hours of the morning

Donna Lach
 Photo Credit: Donna Lach

Some lights were so bright that they stretched far into the southern sky

Gerry 2
Photo Credit: Gerry Cariou

Thunder Bay's forecast called for weaker light, though the high magnitude of storms proved otherwise

Jonathan Coons Photography
Photo Credit: Jonathan Coons Photography

The auroras could be seen as far as Saanich, British Columbia

Doug Clement Photography
Photo Credit: Doug Clement Photography

Spectacular reflections made northern lakes look like something straight out of fantasy

Rebekka Redd Fly Fishing
Photo Credit: Rebekka Redd Fly Fishing

Honourable Mentions

Though no lights manifested in some areas, the galaxy sought to be just as breathtaking

David Z Photography

Photo Credit: David Z Photography

A 40 minute exposure at Hazelwood Lake produced a marvelous shot capturing the Earth's rotation

Linda Ryma Photography
Photo Credit: Linda Ryma Photography

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