Cross the Suspension Bridge over the Wabigoon River

Named after a generous local businessman, the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge crosses the Wabigoon River in Dryden.

The City of Dryden opened the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge in the Fall of 2009. The 34-meter (111.5') Suspension Bridge is located behind the Chalet Inn on the City’s Trail Network. The public can easily access the bridge by parking at Johnston Park on Highway 17. Follow the Signature Trail past the Pieces of Dryden mosaic towards the Wabigoon River. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs. A short walk to your left takes you to the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge.

The bridge spans the Wabigoon River just below the rapids and features one of the most picturesque settings in Northwestern Ontario. Its construction was supported by a 50% grant from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, a 25% donation from Mr. Roy Wilson, and the balance from the City. The suspension bridge is free to use.

Wabigoon River Rapids in Dryden, Ontario

After taking a walk over the river, take your time and walk the Dryden City Trails. Take the Signature Trail (5.4 km) along the Wabigoon River to the Laura Howe Marsh, located off Van Horne Avenue. The marsh is an oasis for forest animals and a nursery for small creatures in the lake. Eat lunch at the picnic tables at Johnston Park, or sit and take a break at a bench at the "Pieces of Dryden" mosaic. It is a Dryden Centennial masterpiece, featuring over 18,000 bits of broken pottery, each chosen for its particular color and shape to form a design that represents the elements of earth, water, air, and fire.

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High water at the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge 
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