Let's Go Camping in Sunset Country!

Imagine for a moment a pristine lake, cloaked by thousands of acres of lush wilderness, stretched out as far as the eye can see.

Waves crash and the sound resonates through you as they sizzle into layers on the shore. Unsullied by engines revving in midday traffic because there aren't any cars.

Not for miles.

No city lights dilute the horizon as the sky shifts from blue to amber.

Your toes plunge into the wet sand as you take an evening stroll and the call of a distant loon fills your mind with the fond hope of a summer eternal.

Imagine you're here.

Fly-in wilderness tent camping with Northwest Flying at Arrow Lake
Kyle Wilcox at Arrow Lake

A bonfire roars on the beach as you and your friends share stories and reconnect right in the heart of Canada's expansive boreal forest.

If you're planning on camping this summer, Sunset Country is the ideal place to lay down your tent and experience nature unlike anything else. There are endless amounts of prime camping locations to satisfy even the most adventurous woodsman.

Ontario is home to an outwardly infinite amount of untamed wild, perfect for hardcore adventurers who love to rough it and want to embrace old-school camping in a truly remarkable environment. 

Of course, if camping in a tent isn't your style, there are a variety of RV parks and lodges where you can drive up, plug in, and bask in all the modern amenities.

For the Adventurous

Camping in Sunset Country

It's also imperative to prepare yourself and pack appropriately no matter your niche. 

We've created a quick camping infographic to help you get ready for your trip this season.


Steps to get ready for a camping trip

See you on the Lake.

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