This Conservation Area in Northwestern Ontario Offers a Road Map to Sustainability

Members of the Perrault Falls Adventure Area advocate for the preservation of the region's resources. They offer land use planning and guidance that ensures the long-term health of the local ecosystem.

Perrault Falls, in the heart of Ontario’s Sunset Country, is a small community with a big vision. 

The Perrault Falls Adventure Area (PFAA) was originally established in 1999 as the Cedar River Watershed Association Inc. Its goal is to protect and promote the land, lakes and wildlife.

The PFAA covers 600,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Northwest Ontario. It is an ecosystem independent of the lakes and rivers outside of its boundaries.

Due to the foresight of the lodges in the area, their vision to sustain their fisheries for generations to come is working. The fishing is fantastic and continues to improve each year.

The Perrault Falls Adventure Area Vision

To sustain their fisheries for generations to come by:

  • Releasing of larger breeding class fish
  • Promoting sustainable fish habits
  • Ensure healthy water quality

The lodges in the PFAA follow these guidelines:

  • Release all walleye over 18”
  • Release all northern pike over 27.5”
Beautiful markings on this lake trout caught at Cliff Lake Resorts

If you would like to experience fishing in the Perrault Falls Adventure Area, visit one of the lodges below.

Cliff Lake

Cliff Lake, just off Highway 105, is 5,700 acres of clear water with high rock cliffs surrounding the lake. 

Cliff Lake Resorts • 888-884-8870

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake has 6,600 acres of prime fishing and access to 15,000 acres on the six adjoining lakes of the Cedar River Watershed without the need to portage.

Cedar Lake Lodge • 807-529-3271 / 519-420-9017 (May to Sept.) C: 519-420-9017 (Oct. to April)

Clark’s Northern Lights Resort • 807-227-2154 or 866-744-2154

Keystone Lodge • 807-727-0867 (S) or 800-723-8623 (W)

You have a great chance at seeing many Bald Eagles in the area!

Perrault Lake

Perrault Lake has over 50 miles of shoreline and is directly connected to Cedar Lake which has an additional 67 miles of shoreline. 

Manotak Lodge • 800-541-3431

"We’ve been fishing at Manotak Lodge for over 20 years. What was a luxury many years ago has become a priority and a family tradition! When I describe our trips to Manotak Lodge to friends, I have to be careful not to sound like I’m exaggerating; the fishing is phenomenal, the hospitality is unmatched and the camaraderie and lifelong friendships that we’ve developed over the years are priceless. Get your family tradition started, you won’t regret it!" – Bob Robinson

32" walleye caught and released at Manotak Lodge!

Nordic Point Lodge (formerly Rainbow Point Lodge) • 800-282-9039

Perrault Lake Camp • 780-623-9721

"I've been to Canada over 30 times from drive-in resorts to fly-ins and have had many memorable trips, but Perrault Lake Camp was probably the best experience I have ever had.  They run a 1st class operation from the friendly hospitality to the convenience of getting bait, cabins, gas tanks filled up the next morning, to the wonderful fishing, and allowing me to use the golf cart because of my mobility issues.  My father got me started going to Canada. He enjoyed Canadian fishing trips and had he not passed a few years back he would have loved this experience as well.
We are already talking about the next trip to Canada and you can bet that Perrault Lake Camp is our destination. I have already been promoting it to friends and family. If they want a great experience with a wonderful host, they should consider Mark and Amy at Perrault Lake Camp."
Jeff Byom IA - July 2022 

Rocky Shore Lodge • 800-954-3154

"If you are looking for a great place for a Canadian fishing trip,  this is your place! Great people. GREAT fishing!"  - Rocky Shore Lodge guest
You'll love the walleye fishing at Rocky Shore Lodge on Perrault Lake.

Wabaskang Lake

Wabaskang Lake has over 10,000 acres of water and home to walleye, pike, muskie, smallmouth bass, lake trout, Jumbo perch, crappie and whitefish. 

Gawley’s Parkview Camp • 888-874-5734

Jim & Julie’s Wabaskang Camp • 807-529-6543 (S) or 319-352-5559 (W)

Kingfisher Resort • 800-452-8824

Peffley’s Canadian Wilderness Camp • 574-220-9936 (S) or 888-713-1250 (W)

Sleepy Dog Cabins • 807-529-3165

Guests at Tall Pines Camp with a nice supper of crappies!

Tall Pines Camp • 888-413-3454

"The fishing was AWESOME! The cabins were clean and are right on the water so you can watch the sunset. The rental boats are some of the best in Canada with 40 HP motors. Everyone in camp was friendly and the kids had fun playing wiffle ball when they were not fishing. The best part though is the owners are VERY involved and helpful. They will do anything to make your vacation better. Bridget took my wife and daughter blueberry picking which they loved! Ryan's knowledge of the lake and fishery is impressive. Just go where he tells you and bust out a 4" paddle tail... you will definitely catch fish. Every day of the week we consistently caught big walleye and big northern pike. It's just a great place to relax, go fishing, and enjoy a week on the lake.  Thanks for a great vacation! See ya next year."
Joe Carlson, July 2022

The portage from Wabaskang Lake to the river that takes you to Wine Lake

Wine Lake

It’s an adventure just getting to Wine Lake! The 20+ mile boat ride to Wine Lake crosses a portage next to a beautiful waterfall. 

Wine Lake Camp • 330-351-6659

Pickerel Lake and Surrounding Lakes

Pickerel Creek and Pickerel Lake are just south of Perrault Lake. The two camps here fish both Pickerel Lake and the many nearby surrounding lakes. The choice is yours!

Gold Arrow Camp • 807-529-3137 (S) or 260-327-3406 (W)

"The most friendly people. Todd and Angie were the greatest (Blaze was also amazing).  This was my first trip to Gold Arrow with my brother. He has been there many times. The cabin was very clean, well stocked. The grounds were immaculate and well-groomed. The equipment was very good. The fishing was unparalleled. Every lake we visited, we caught many good-sized fish. A definite fishing destination."  —John
Walleye fishing at Gold Arrow Camp

Pickerel Creek Camp & Outpost • 807-529-3132

Happy angler at Pickerel Lake Camp!

Other things to do in Perrault Falls Adventure Area

Grab a bite to eat or get a cold drink at the Whiskeyjack Restaurant and Tavern which is just south of where Perrault Lake meets Wabaskang Lake on the east side of Highway 105. 

View the waterfalls where Perrault Lake flows into Wabaskang. You may have driven over the waterfalls and not even known they were there! It is across from the old Rainbow Point Store (Now Nordic Point Lodge). There is a small gravel parking lot where you can park and walk the path toward the waterfalls. There are no barriers so viewers beware. You can also walk down along the side of the waterfall to see the very lush forest surrounding the water. 

It's almost like a jungle along the waterfalls!

You can also choose to take a short drive north up Highway 105 to Ear Falls. Maybe even play a round of golf. 

Whatever you choose to do in the Perrault Falls Adventure Area—fishing, hiking, blueberry picking or wildlife viewing—know that its future is in good hands. 

About Erin Rody

I grew up on Black Sturgeon Lake in Northwestern Ontario. I am a staff writer for the Sunset Country Travel Association. Through my articles I hope to entice you to visit the wonderful region I call home. We are all about outdoor adventure; with 70,000 lakes and rivers and a whole lot of forests how can we not be? Whether you like to fish, hunt, canoe, kayak, boat or go camping, Sunset Country has something for you. Enjoy!

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