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7 Artists Selected to Celebrate the Group of Seven

2016 artESCAPE - A Unique Art Event

In the early 1900s, the talented Group of Seven painted in the Algoma and North of Superior region as a way to recover from the traumatic stresses of World War I. 

The region was a place of healing for the painters who created a large variety of amazing and unique work inspired by the beautiful landscapes and rugged coastlines of the North Shore. 

Parks Canada, in collaboration with the Township of Nipigon and Top of Lake Superior Chamber of Commerce, presents artESCAPE, a unique art event inspired by the Group of Seven and their presence in the region. Each year, seven artists from communities along the North Shore who are also inspired by the majestic beauty of Lake Superior, are selected to showcase their work for visitors in an outdoor art exhibit. Parks Canada will also have a booth set-up for children inspired by art to colour and learn more about the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area.

artESCAPE 2016 took place as a part of the “Celebrate Nipigon!” weekend on July 29-31. This free, interactive outdoor art gallery featured the seven selected local artists at Rotary Park on the corner of Front Street and Third Street in Nipigon

Introducing the seven featured artists for the 2016 artESCAPE!

1.    Lindsay Weston

Lindsay’s songbird carvings are so realistic you will expect them to start singing. He strives to make his wood carvings anatomically correct and has been recognized for his efforts at a number of competitions. The birds chosen by Lindsay spend time along Lake Superior, either wintering along the North Shore, nesting here in summer, or passing through on their way further north.

2.    Ches Imhoff

Ches moved to the town of Red Rock in 1950 to work at the mill. He likes to sketch scenic vistas in black and white, and occasionally some colour. Ches has travelled across Canada with his wife in their RV. Along the way he drew various scenes, but the beautiful scenery and great fishing of Lake Superior makes the North Shore home.

3.    Francine Hébert 

As of late, Francine’s work has been an exploration of landscape in oil on canvas- specifically the diverse northern shores of Lake Superior from Nipigon to Batchawana Bay. Her interpretations of the lake's surrounding terrain are infused with daydream and impassioned brushwork. Amongst her greatest inspirations are her two nature-loving children.

4.    David Crawford 

As an avid hiker, David has been photographing the Nipigon area for the past 40 years. Through his lens, he has captured many amazing remote locations. David’s photos frequently feature Lake Superior shorelines, in the hope that more people might connect to, appreciate and conserve our big lake. 

5.    Roland Choiselat 

Using diamond core drilling, Roland designs and creates natural and polished stone sculptures to represent the natural world, including mushrooms and bird nests. His Hole in the Rock Creations are made in Nipigon from materials found in the Lake Superior region. Also available are candle holders, vases, fountain stones and garden rings.

6.    Carolyn Antaya 

Carolyn was born in Sydney, Australia, and immigrated to Canada in 1990. She moved to Red Rock in 2013 and credits the beauty of the landscape as helping her maintain inner peace. Carolyn enjoys painting local wildlife. Most of her artwork is acrylic on canvas.

7.    Michel Dumont

A Métis, born in Nipigon and raised in Hurkett, Michel is a self-taught artist and occasional teacher whose media include candle making, mosaic tile, acrylic painting, and quilting. He enjoys breathing new life into discarded vintage tile with his mosaic pieces.

About Sadie Gross

Sadie Gross was born and raised in Northwest Ontario and has a great love for the outdoors . After completing 1 year of journalism and 2 years of marketing at Fanshawe College  in London Ontario, she returned back home to the north and is currently working for Parks Canada Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area promoting the beautiful region she has grown to love."


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