Canada's Superior Fishing Destination

A visit to Superior Country will exhilarate your soul as you reel in trophy-sized Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout.

Ontario’s Superior Country not only has the title of Canada’s Superior Fishing Destination due to its access and proximity to Lake Superior, but also due to the abundance of inland lakes and the species they offer. A visit to this region will exhilarate your soul as you reel in trophy-sized Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. Be one with nature as you explore Wabakimi Provincial Park, or cast along the legendary Nipigon River. Join us as we explore Ontario’s Superior Country and find out what makes this region great.


Superior Country represents half of Northwest Ontario, a geographical area that encompasses 160,000 square miles of Boreal Forest, and over 150,000 freshwater lakes. With such a vast wilderness and low population, you will surely be one with nature as you relax and let any day-to-day stress you have drift away.

Fishing in Superior Country is easily accessible from large urban centers such as Thunder Bay. If you’re looking for a truly unique fishing experience, a fly-in outpost will allow you to share the lake with only its natural inhabitants. Some of the most popular lakes are in the northern regions of Superior Country. Visit Wabakimi Provincial Park, the world’s largest pristine paddling reserve that offers sensational train-in or fly-in fishing trips at remote outposts. There you can have your own private secluded haven teeming with Walleye and Northern Pike yours for the catching.

Or, for those looking to keep their feet on the ground, visit one of the many drive-in lodges available in Greenstone. This is a municipality made up of several communities and townships, making it one of the largest communities in all of Canada. Greenstone is known as Nature’s Home Town and offers some of the best fishing opportunities in all of Superior Country.


Linder's Angling Edge

Hosting two of the largest lakes in Ontario, Lake Superior and Lake Nipigon, Superior Country is known for providing anglers with some of the greatest fishing adventures and species in all of Canada. Due to the vast expanse of these lakes, they are known to breed large trophy fish. Lake Superior’s north shore and coastal streams present ceaseless opportunities for angling success. Massive Salmon and Rainbow Trout will give you a lively battle during summer and early fall. Visit Superior Country’s inland lakes during spring and early summer for bountiful Walleye and Northern Pike. Another world-renowned fishing destination within Superior Country is the Nipigon River, home to the world record Brook Trout, and a fall Salmon run that is truly remarkable. Anglers looking for a unique experience will seek the services of local charter companies to fish gigantic Lake Trout in Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior. Charter captains know where to take you and what needs to be done to land you a fish of a lifetime.

The most popular species in Superior Country include Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout (Steelhead), Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, and even Perch.


Aguasabon Falls and Gorge

Superior Country offers much more than world-class fishing; it also offers picturesque views you’ll be sure to appreciate while visiting. You’ll be surrounded by lush, towering forests on glistening crystal-clear waters, with no sound but the hushed tones of rustling leaves and gentle ripples of water on your boat. You can observe a wide array of wildlife that inhabit the forests and waters. Witness a noble moose as it leisurely steps out of the boreal forest to find some yellow pond lilies to dine on. Watch as a loon gracefully floats across the lake, then swiftly dives out of sight, or a statuesque eagle perched atop an evergreen overhead. At the end of the day, secluded from city lights, you’ll be granted a night’s sky crowded with gleaming stars and on a perfect night, the breath-taking colours of the Northern Lights will dance above you.


Linder's Angling Edge

Fishing in Superior Country can be as varied as it is rewarding, providing fishing ideal for all skill levels—from your daughter’s first cast on her brand-new rod to the avid fishermen on one of his countless fishing adventures. The range of fish species to choose from is bountiful. Schooling perch are abundant, making them an excellent and rewarding fish for children and those new to angling. They also make for a tasty shore lunch during a family fishing trip. Walleye are one of the most popular and delicious game fish in Superior Country and can be found in a variety of bodies of water. Northern Pike are also abundant throughout Superior Country. The variations of sizes can be significant, ranging from 2 to 40+ pounds. These trophy fish are an absolute thrill to catch!

From enormous to modest lakes, flowing rivers and rippling streams, Superior Country’s fish inhabited waters can provide all types of angling ventures. Cast from dock or shore, fly fish in rivers and streams, troll the lakes and rivers with a downrigger or flat line, or  ice fish on the lake in an ice hut with friends.

Start Planning your Visit

The possibilities are endless and the experiences unforgettable. Angling in Superior Country is the perfect escape for a family or the avid fishermen. The only difficult part is deciding where to start your next fishing adventure. For more information on the available species, local lodges, guides, outfitters, and your Free Travel Guide visit the Superior Country website. For fishing regulations and licenses, click here.

About Dan Bevilacqua

Dan is the Executive Director of Ontario's Superior Country. Dan spends the majority of his free time fishing the Nipigon River with his friends and family while exploring the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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