5 Guided Ice Fishing Adventures in Greenstone

Experience this Canadian tradition in Northern Ontario.

When it comes to winter traditions and who we are as Canadians, ice fishing is part of our culture, especially in Greenstone, Ontario

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Ice fishing is a different game than fishing from a boat. You can’t venture around a lake hitting different depths and structures. It’s about setting up shop in one area and patiently waiting.

There is something about the experience of choosing your spot on the lake, drilling your holes, patiently waiting, and watching your line in anticipation of it dropping. FISH ON! The adrenaline rushes through your body as you race to your line and begin to reel up a beautiful freshwater fish that you didn’t think was even possible bringing through a 6 inch hole in the ice.

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Interested? Try Ice Fishing near Greenstone!

Check out these 5 guided guiding services and resort operators that are providing this authentic, best-of-the-best, Canadian experience in Greenstone.

  1. North Central Guiding
  2. Pasha Lake Cabins
  3. Northwood Lodging
  4. Lake Nipigon Charters
  5. 7 Lakes Wilderness Camps 

Let the professionals who know the lakes and hot spots take you to the fish. All you have to do is reel it in!

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For more information on all outdoor winter experiences in Greenstone please visit www.greenstone.ca

About Brent Henley

Brent is the Tourism Coordinator for the Municipality of Greenstone

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