A Fine Dining Experience with Amazing Views

The Sleeping Giant and Lake Superior look almost as good as the food

bight is a great place to stop for an unique culinary experience on your visit to Thunder Bayyou'll find it in the Water Garden Pavilion at the Waterfront in Prince Arthur's Landing.

A locally owned and operated restaurant, bight Restaurant Bar is open all year round seven days a week for lunch and dinner, giving you a precious view of Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant during all four seasons.

2013 bight staff

A classy restaurant where you will enjoy the open space, bight offers modern décor, a choice of a varied selection of great food, an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages with quick and knowledgeable service.


bight features two long walls of windows that let in lots of natural light giving diners a good view of Lake Superior from the Pier 3 vantage point. Also in view is a wonderful reflective sculpture by Andy Davis called “Traveller’s Return,” and a view of the splash pool, which in the winter becomes a rink where kids and couples are light on their skates. And in the summer, you can asked to be seated on the patio if you want to enjoy the sun and the cool breeze off the lake.

bight Exterior patio

Portion sizes are fair and the tastes are unique and delightful with lots of ingredients made from scratch using locally grown foods when possible. The food is eclectic and subject to change. Local foods are given credit on the menu and the website.

Burger and Fries

The day I was there, the lunch starters included a choice of beet gnocchi, Rainy River elk meatballs, Ukrainian wontons, Mussels and more. Along with a choice of pizzas, mains included a Truffled cheese melt, the Tarrymore burger, a panino classic, and more. Salads included green apple, Thai quinoa, seared ahi tuna nicoise; the soup was roasted tomato and garlic.

The dinner selections include pizzas, rib eyes, halibut, lamb shanks, herb roasted chicken supreme and more.

bight Turkey Club

With sommelier, Jeanne Dubois, as one of the team of four partners at bight, choices of wines are professionally handpicked. The wine selection is quite wide, divided up by flavours: unoaked wine, earthy white, aromatic white and oaky white. Reds include a wide selection in categories of mild mannered, soft, fruity, spicy, and powerful. There is also rose, sparkling and champagne.


The booklet listing the alcoholic drinks is quite extensive, including cocktails with wonderful titled drinks like Stubborn Mule, Dusk and Stormy, Cucumber Basil Smash. Spirits include: Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, a variety of whiskeys, brandy cognac Armagnac, absinthe, other aperitifs and digestives, beer, cider, pop, etc.

bight Salad Girls

A contemporize setting with an amazing view, the experience is in the pudding – great food and a great location.

About Duncan Weller

A writer and visual artist, Duncan Weller is a Governor General's Award winner who lives in Thunder Bay. You can visit his website at www.duncanweller.com. His latest two books are a novel, Flight of the Silk, and an expanded edition of the award-winning children's picture book, The Boy from the Sun.

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