Superior Views on Kama Cliffs Trail

Access the most dramatic views of the landscape on Lake Superior!

There’s a new hiking trail to get excited about at one of the most scenic locations along the north shore of Lake Superior.  

Richard Boon and dog Jasper at the first lookout on Kama Cliffs Trail with Kama Point and Lake Superior in the background.

Construction of The Kama Cliffs Trail was started in 2016 and is still a work in progress.

A trail marker directs hikers to a switchback trail. You also have the option of continuing up the steep snowmobile trail.

It’s a well-defined and well-marked trail that starts at a higher elevation than the nearby Lower Kama Trail. 

Along with a Couchsurfing visitor from Spain, I took to the trail in early May, before the leaves on trees had even begun to bud. 

A large sign at the side of Highway 17 directs hikers to the trail head of Kama Cliffs Trail.
A large sign at the side of Highway 17 directs hikers to the trail head of Kama Cliffs Trail.

The trailhead can be difficult to find if you’re arriving from the west since the large sign faces east.  It’s located on the north side of Highway 17, 24 km east of the Highway 11-17 junction at Nipigon. Just across from the trailhead, there’s room for several vehicles to park on a camp road. 

Rock hopping across a creek on the Kama Cliffs Trail.

A short switchback makes the climb quite easy to handle, and there is one stream to cross, with some rock hopping required if the water is a little on the high side.

In what seemed like no time at all we arrived at the first lookout.  It’s a large, open, flat rocky area with a breathtaking view of Kama Point and Lake Superior.

A visitor from Spain relaxes while enjoying his first view of the great Lake Superior.

My guest, who had never been to this part of the world before, was awed by the view of Lake Superior and astounded by the size of this inland sea. He was quite content to sit back, relax and enjoy some relatively quiet meditation time, commenting that he could easily spend an entire afternoon here. 

The Kama Cliffs Trail is suited to hikers of all skill levels. It's easy for those who are experienced, and despite the gentle climb to the top of the cliffs, it’s not too overwhelming for beginners who will likely feel the burn. 

The trail is well marked. This sign directs hikers to the first lookout. Caution is required due to the steep cliffs at the lookouts.

The round trip to the first lookout and back is about 5 km, while the second lookout is an 8-km round trip. 

The Kama Cliffs Trail was constructed by Epic Adventures Trail Construction of Nipigon with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The trail is located in a Conservation Reserve, while the shoreline is part of the Parks Canada Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

About Richard Boon

Richard Boon is a Thunder Bay native who spends much of his spare time hiking and doing nature photography.  He is a past member and hike leader with the Thunder Bay Hiking Association and a former broadcaster..

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