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Ottawa Valley Riding Roads

For riders who want to focus on the ride, instead of the stops, you've come to the right place. This route, stretching from Peterborough to the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Park takes riders on a collection of the best riding roads south of the park.

This particular route includes the legendary Buckhorn Road and the Calabogie Boogie. For those who can't get enough speed, the Calabogie racetrack is also on this route, and they offer package deals that rent race-ready Mustangs to those who want to do a few laps.

The Elephant Lake and Peterson Road just south of Whitney and the eastern entrace to Algonquin Park are also included here for your riding pleasure.

With plenty of options for eats and a wealth of trusted places to rest your weary bones after a day of riding, adventures in the Ottawa Valley await you!

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