New Routes in the Twisties Capital of Ontario - Ride the Highlands

Earlier this year we wrote the "Top Ten Motorcycle Routes in Ontario" based on the state of riding in the province at that time. A little known area called Ontario's Highlands just squeaked onto the list, with promises of some of the best riding in the province. Since then, a new series of routes has been launched, in a region I've had the great pleasure of touring over nine days last summer. And I can verify first hand that this is the Ontario that can compete with Vermont, New York and any other stateside offering. There are four new routes on their site We'll break down the ideal rider and conditions for each of the four loops below. Read on!

The Highlands Loop

At 1000kms, this is either an iron butt weekend run, or a 4 to 6 six mid-week run. It covers most of the best roads in the region, and hits plenty of "must see" attractions as well. If you've never ridden the region before, this is the best way to instantly educate yourself on what riding here is all about. The video above showcases the best roads in the region, so check it out!

The Deep River Run

This is the twistiest section in all the Highlands. If your focus is on technical riding, this is the route for you. Although it's not overly technical—cruisers and tourers should have quite a good time here too. And it's proximity to Ottawa makes it an excellent weekend ride. For accommodations in Ontario's Highlands, visit:

The Rideau Ridge

For you history buffs who enjoy smelling the roses, the Rideau Ridge is right up your alley. With tons of great eats in this area of the Highland's, you'll never be at a loss for where to stop and fuel up! It's also home to the Mammoth Cheese (see video above), and really who can resist a can of cheese so massive it needs to be permanently moored to a railcar.

Dynamite Alley

Building great roads means blowing things up. And nowhere did they have this technique better perfected than in the Haliburton corner of this vast swath of land called the Highlands. Dynamite Alley rings in at 508 kms and might be the perfect ride for you city folk. My peeps from the Barrie to Bracebridge area will get a weekend kick out of this route too.  

There is also the top ten motorcycle roads in the region, which you can check out here:

For more information about these routes, including trip planning tools, check out the trip planner below:

For more on riding in the Ottawa area and staying clear of the 400 highways click here: 

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