4 Reasons Why I Love Coming Back to Sault Ste. Marie

Sometimes, it takes leaving home to truly realize what's special where you come from.

Being raised in Sault Ste. Marie, I have always enjoyed the winter activities and summer getaways our unique community provides its residents. As an outdoor enthusiast and one who is always up for new adventures, #theSoo has played a special role in shaping who I am today. 

Before leaving for University in 2012, the idea of calling another city home was odd. As I now I find myself in a much larger city with all it has to offer, there is still something that always calls me back home. The Soo has several local charms that I have grown connected to during my trips back home.

Cycle Heaven

What I’ve come to learn is that not only is #theSoo home to beautiful cycling trails; there is also a strong a growing cycling community. The Sault Cycling Club is an amazing group that organizes and publishes routes for both road and mountain rides that I have used to explore new biking routes here at home. While I personally prefer roads to mountains, the group is built with some amazing individuals who can help anyone who likes to pedal get involved and find the right trail for their skill level.

Support Local

Outside of refreshing shorelines and forested canopy, #theSoo has a strong agricultural community that can connect Saulites with locally sourced products from the Algoma district. Have you ever walked past the Bondar Pavilion and stopped by to visit the local vendors on Saturday afternoons? Residents of larger cities have to balance commuter congestion and driving distance if they would like to visit their local farmers’ market, but here in Sault Ste. Marie, we have not one but two prominent markets to choose from. The Algoma’s Farmers Market and Mill Market both feature many welcoming vendors that offer the best local produce and goods. What makes it even better is that they are both located in our downtown core. 

It was through our local markets that I had the pleasure of being introduced into beekeeping! Now, I’m not saying that opening a bee farm is a pastime every student should do during their summer home, but it was the people here at the market that shared their knowledge to help motivate me to try something new. I didn’t think that at 24 years of age I would be a beekeeper, but here I am, and both of my younger brothers were quick to join! As you may have heard, #savethebees.

Take a Dive

Something I didn’t even know my hometown offered was a variety of diving opportunities. We truly have some of the most amazing shorelines in the country, and the world below the surface is something worth seeing. From local marine life to sunken ships and planes, or even skeletal remains, you can find all this at sites within and around the city. If you’re a newbie, I would suggest trying out spots near Gros Cap, and more experienced divers can take a dive in the famous St. Marys River. If you’re looking for some new gear, or a local looking for lessons, definitely check out Sault Scuba. 

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Grab Lunch

Many new local dinning spots have popped up in the downtown in the last couple of years. Shabby Motley, which has a very relaxed lounge/café vibe offering up healthy takes on comfort food classics. With a menu changing weekly, be sure to check out their Facebook page for this weeks features. J. Caroline’s is another great downtown option, with a fantastic atmosphere. They offer up progressive comfort food with a Northern twist.

Sometimes the appeal of something new overshadows what we have right in front of us. But when we stop and look, we’ll find amazing adventures waiting for us right in our own backyard.

About Alexei Berg

Alexei Berg is from Sault Ste. Marie and has a passion for the outdoors. His education has brought him to the University of Western Ontario and now to Detroit as a Masters student studying Communication at Wayne State University.

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