A Healing Weekend Retreat for Women You Want to Book Now!

A therapeutic weekend of healing, connection, and empowerment!

This weekend retreat will allow women from anywhere to come together, to attend to their wellness needs out of regular work hours, and in a focused, therapeutic, and natural environment. A perfect opportunity to bring your out-of-town family and friends together for a girl’s weekend of shared time and wellnesses.

The first retreat is being held May 4-6 at Stokely Creek Lodge

The Change Process approach evolved over a period of collaboration between Anne Marie Caicco and Sheila Paluzzi. This retreat is a weekend long therapeutic process. Using a combination of discussion, guided meditation, emotion processing, introspection, and other therapeutic interventions, ​participants​ will be taking a journey to:

1) cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves​
2) explore the areas of their life where they​ wish to see change
3) connect to their​ emotions and process through painful past experiences
4) develop a deeper sense of self compassion and self-esteem.
5) learn practical tools and healing strategies that​ can be integrated​ into daily life.

In a safe and sacred space, they will support and witness the inner work of each participant. The roots of the Change Process approach grow out of a deep respect for healing, connection to self, self-empowerment, and the wisdom of the body.

Partaking in this journey could lead to:

- Increased self-compassion
- Feelings of empowerment and ability to set boundaries
- Relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress
- Renewed enthusiasm for life
- Clearer sense of purpose
- Increased self-efficacy with emotions
- Improved work/life balance
- Enhanced personal relationships

For more information:

Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/changeprocessretreats/
Email: changeprocessretreats@gmail.com
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/thechangeprocessretreats/
Call: Sheila 705-941-0647 or Anne Marie 705-992-3139
Book your reservation: https://www.eventbrite.ca/o/sheila-paluzzi-msw-rsw-amp-anne-marie-caicco-htp-crmt-bed-15826355387

We would love to hear about your weekend retreat experience at dionne@digdeep.ca!

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