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Whether you're traveling to the city for business, pleasure or just simply looking for a way to get moving, these most loved wellness studios offer something for everyone and every level of fitness.

Stretch and strengthen while rejuvenating both your physical and mental balance. Drop-ins and traveling guests are warmly welcomed...

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds.

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. team will inspire you to move and help you achieve your fitness goals. They strive to help people enhance their fitness levels and achieve their health goals. Through stretching the tight strong muscles, while strengthening the long weak muscles, they will help you to achieve a balanced body both physically and mentally. There are programs that can be participated in on their own, or added to compliment your already existing fitness routine.


Fit Bodies. Fit Minds has some of the most qualified, passionate and friendly coaches in the business. Their coaches are constantly educated in current fitness trends and in courses to enhance their clients' workout regiments. Each and every coach working at Fit Bodies. Fit Minds strongly believes in a mind and body connection to a healthy lifestyle and is extremely knowledgeable in the mechanics of the body. All this knowledge will help clients align their spine, correct faulty motor patterns and to develop a more efficient body.


Owner of Fit Bodies. Fit Minds, Kyla Faganely is a hardworking and motivated individual who is dedicated to health and fitness promotion. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a multitude of fitness certification certificates and qualifications. Kyla has worked and trained in the fitness industry for approximately fifteen years and in a variety of countries and communities worldwide, including: Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and most recently Costa Rica. Throughout her years of training and education, Kyla has worked with and trained under some of the fitness industry's top professionals.


It is because of her training and education where Kyla became passionate about Pilates, athletic training, functional fitness, correctional fitness, pre and post natal training, and youth training. She strongly believes in the mind body connection and truly enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals. Through her most recent training, Kyla has become appreciative and passionate in corrective and functional fitness to help align people's body and correct faulty motor patterns, all of which will provide for a more balanced body.


Why should you choose the types of classes they offer?

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. is a corrective and functional health studio that provides a wide variety of classes and training using a variety of training methods from a holistic kinesiology approach. The number one goal at Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. is to help better a person's health and lifestyle. They will work to help your body function more efficiently and reduce your risk of injury. The classes are designed to be participated in on their own or added to your exercise regime.

The team consists of professional, highly trained instructors, some with experience world wide in the industry that are driven and motivated to inspire clients to reach their goals! Visit Fit Bodies. Fit Minds. You can meet the team, look at the schedule and programs available and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Programs available include: Corrective/Functional Exercise, Private/Semi-Private/Small Group Training, Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Yoga/Pilates, Group Fitness, Specialized Programs, Kickboxing/Boxing, Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Children's Fitness, Fun Fit Daycare, School Programs, Camps, and more. Drop-ins welcome!

Fit Bodies. Fit Minds
491 Queen St. East
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6A 5N2
Phone (705) 254-LIFE (5433)

*photos courtesy of Fit.Bodies. Fit Minds.

Jade Wellness Studio

Formerly the Yoga Door and Jade Yoga, Jade Wellness Studio has been sharing yoga, pilates and other contemplative and expressive arts in the Algoma District since 2004. Located in the heart of downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Jade Wellness is one of the largest yoga and pilates centres in Northern Ontario. The team aims to create a non-competitive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to come and discover his or her true potential.

IMG 1335

Jade, like other precious stones, is hidden inside rocks and needs to be uncovered through polishing to remove all the rough edges and layers. It is their hope that through yoga, Pilates, and other forms of energy movements, you will be able to uncover the precious self that is always within. The green colour of jade echoes their intention to "go green" and operate consciously and mindfully.

IMG 1333

With over 30 classes a week it's easy to find something for every fitness level from Gentle Pilates and Theraputic Yoga for Aches & Pains to Power Mat Pilates and Power Flow & Yin Yoga. Their clients also enjoy booking one on one sessions to achieve personal goals and some just prefer a quiet, private setting. Also offered are therapeutic services and treatments including Registered Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Feldenkrais, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, and aromatherapy. Their mission is to provide a non-competitive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to come and discover his or her true potential.

IMG 1334

It is Jade's intention and goal to make conscious choices to minimize the negative impact to the environment. Using only eco-friendly, low-VOC paint and bamboo flooring, which is one of the most renewable resources for flooring. Also incorporated is a low-flow plumbing system, programmable thermostat and compact florescent light fixtures to save energy. In the day-to-day operation, it is encouraged to use of reusable items such as hand towels and mugs instead of the disposable options. All of the cleaning products used in the studio are plant-based or non-toxic.

IMG 0449

In the boutique you can find made in North America, eco-friendly performance apparel, Yoga/Pilates props, and beautiful everyday items for the home. At Jade, they carry products that help create a natural and healthy lifestyle. Jade works closely with the local community and showcases items from local artisans. Find Eco-conscious and "made in Canada" gifts to pamper yourself and loved ones right here in the Sault!

IMG 1336

677 Queen Street E.,
Sault Ste Marie, ON
Mon-Thu: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Fri: 11am - 6pm
Sat: 11:00am - 4:00pm


A message from Co-Founder of Lifeforia, Tina Colizza...

"LIFEforia Wellness Club was inspired by a dear friend and is empowered by the strength of her spirit and her will to help women live longer, healthier, happier, more peaceful and more fulfilling lives. LIFEforia Wellness Club represents a revolution in the way we think, feel, act and live so that we can ultimately achieve a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life. The revolution is about taking control of the way we live and becoming masters of our destiny. This revolution means awakening to the present moment and accepting and living each and every moment non-judgmentally. This revolution is about living a great life and realizing that wellness has been right in front of us this whole time. This revolution is about a movement towards world wide wellness, where women will lead us in this journey.

LIFEforia is leading this revolution and is central to what LIFEforia is all about. Not only is the LIFEforia brand based on loving and serving in the purest form, but our entire staff is committed to these values. We will never claim to be experts in all aspects of wellness, nor will we claim to be perfect in any way. We will however strive to be honest about our inabilities and abilities and we will take on difficult challenges and issues and try to resolve them in the best possible way. We recognize that many women are living in conditions below societal standards and that many women cannot afford to take advantage of the wellness services and support offered by LIFEforia. We have taken our first step in addressing this issue by working with various women organizations in our community. LIFEforia's ultimate goal is to help increase wellness lifestyles among women and their families, which we hope will lead to a better world.

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. We hope that through LIFEforia we can help people take charge of their destinies and design a life of substance to reach their fullest potential. It is our dream that LIFEforia will build healthier communities one woman at a time. Finally, if you knew you could live a long healthy, happy, peaceful and fulfilled life, would you? We know you can and we hope you will".

Healthy Blessings,
Tina Colizza

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.16.20 PM

Your wellness is possible, here and now, as you journey to your highest potential. Your wellness is about living a happy, healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. Your wellness is about pursuing a higher quality of life through enjoyable experiences, exercises to stay active, rest and relaxation to revitalize your mind and bodies, empowering beliefs to reach your fullest capabilities, an awareness of your being to unleash the great power within, a supportive environment to keep toxins at bay, and wonderful, loving relationships to encourage and nurture you on your journey towards the most delightful you! Your wellness is your obligation to yourself! The time has come to be kind to yourself: to strive for balance, harmony, but also pleasure!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.16.16 PM

LIFEforia is not a fitness facility, but rather a club for women that offers the tools, services and products for living an optimal life. Fitness represents only one very small piece of a wellness lifestyle. Nutrition, relaxation, relationships, mental conditioning and spiritual connection are among other critical components of health and well-being. LIFEforia's programs provide women with a balanced approach and guidance to living a long, happy, healthy, peaceful and fulfilled life. LIFEforia's community of women is an environment where women thrive, where women stand up for each other in their journey to their highest potential. LIFEforia Wellness Club encourages women to explore different routes in life, connect with their inner being and manifest their outer purpose. LIFEforia transcends the beliefs of the previous decades where fitness and sacrifice were required to be healthy. LIFEforia Wellness Club embraces a new age where health and well-being means nourishing your body, your mind and your spirit with activity and nourishment in a loving and enjoyable manner. This new age of health and well-being, called WELLthy Living, is the key to unlocking the power within and freeing yourself to live to your highest potential.

Although members get unlimited access to all facilities, including our state of the art fitness facilities, as well as special membership pricing, the public, both male and female are welcome to try our clinical services, spa services, seminars, classes and playshops. All pricing will include both member and non-member prices.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.16.31 PM

LIFEservices include:

LIFEspa - Spa & Wellness Beautiful possibilities await. Their relaxation and beauty centers are your sanctuaries where your sensual journey begins... The treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs grown in organic gardens around the world. Their purity and freshness is a source of great pride at the LIFEspa. Some see the treatments as pure pleasure, but in truth they are also a valuable and therapeutic part of your balanced mind, body & spirit experience at the Club.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.15.37 PM

LIFEfitness - As a member of LIFEforia Wellness Club, you'll enjoy a luxurious women's only environment that embodies the movement towards self care and enjoying a full life. The LIFEforia Wellness Club grew from the belief that wellness can be achieved here and now, as part of our journey to reaching our highest potential. It's about creating an environment where every element supports living life to its fullest. A treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill. It's not the machines that create wellness. The human element is the key. LIFEforia's mission of loving and serving is the heart of the LIFEfitness exeperience. LIFEfitness is part of the revolution where health and wellness no longer means sacrifice, but where new activities stimulate our minds and bodies while bringing women together to have fun. LIFEfitness - Fitness, Sault Ste. Marie.

LIFEforia Wellness Club offers a basic wellness lifestyle program to get you started. This program includes all aspects of wellness – relaxation, nutrition, exercise, supporting beliefs, and inner being through meditation (mindfulness). This program is purely preventive and is tailored to your lifestyle. We also offer customized wellness programs to help you enhance or manage your current health and well-being. For example, if you suffer from osteoarthritis, the customized wellness lifestyle program will help you manage this chronic disease and will help you reach your highest potential so that you can live a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life. Another example might be that you want to run a marathon. LIFEforia will put together a plan that will support your goal of running the marathon. All LIFEforia wellness lifestyle plans are designed by a team of wellness experts in the clinical, relaxation, coaching and fitness areas.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.16.00 PM

LIFEclinic - Today, more and more people are seeking a higher level of health called wellness. Many think that health is merely the absence of pain or symptoms, however a wellness approach to health means adopting a variety of healthy habits for optimal function on all levels – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. At LIFEforia Wellness Club, our aim is to offer you all the tools and services that you may require to develop these habits as you journey towards your fullest potential.

The LIFEclinic team is dedicated to helping you attain the highest quality of life, by bringing you closer to optimum health. They focus on the physical aspects of wellness through health promotion, disease prevention and management of chronic illness and pain.  Whatever reason you have for visiting the LIFEclinic, they are proud to provide outstanding patient care with ongoing support, evaluation and education.  They hope to join you on your wellness journey by becoming a part of your health care team!

LIFEcuisine - LIFEcuisine offers you a collection of delicious and indulgent recipes that are healthy, extremely high in nutrients and very easy to prepare. All recipes have been tested and tasted and so we are confident that you and your family will enjoy everyone of them! LIFEcuisine also offers healthy cooking classes and provides you with the healthiest menu choices from the finest restaurants in town! Come into the Club and sample LIFEcuisine's assortment of healthy snacks and lunches. Bon Appetit!

When you are in a rush, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Always keep frozen fish in the freezer. In a pinch you can make a seafood pasta 'e olio' that will look and taste gourmet and delicious in under 30 minutes. You can also quickly defrost fish under cold water and it tastes great baked in the oven with olive oil and lemon served with brown rice – yum!
  • Keep cans of tuna, shrimp and clams in the cupboard – great with Pasta!
  • Always have brown pasta and tomato sauce in your cupboards – this is a very easy and fast meal to make that will always be on hand.
  • Always have frozen vegetables in the freezer – not as good as the fresh stuff, but great if you don't have time to stop in at the grocery store.
  • Always keep some chicken broth or vegetable broth in your cupboard. You can make quick and easy delicious soups, serve with some fresh whole wheat bread and voila – a meal fit for a royal family!
  • Always keep a few heads of lettuce and tomatoes in your crisper – be creative with your salads and make sure that salad is part of every meal.

Featured Recipes

Chicken Linguine with Spinach and Mushroom
Blueberry and Strawberry Crumble
Healthy Blueberry Muffins
Tina's Flax Muffins

Cherry Sorbet
Best Baby Back Ribs Ever
Pasta e Olio
Maple Salmon and Almonds

LIFEboutique - The LIFEboutique offers you a wide assortment of natural products that support a wellness lifestyle. All LIFEboutique products are free of harmful toxins and support a clean and healthy environment. We are proud to call the following products part of the LIFEforia Wellness family.

LIFEevents - LIFEforia Wellness Club hosts a variety of events that cater to our members and the public. If you are looking to host a workshop, seminar or special event, LIFEforia offers a versatile space that can be transformed to suit your event. Let us know the theme and we'll take care of the details.

LIFEforia provides catering and the ambiance to suit your special occasion. Come in to view our spacious lounge and luxurious facility.

Spa Menu

81 Pine Street,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
T: 705.949.1900

Hours of Operation
WEEKDAYS: 6:00am to 10:00pm
WEEKENDS: 8:00am to 6:00pm

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