Where to Find the Best Poutine in Town

One of the most popular foods for all ages is, without a doubt, a healthy serving of poutine!

These local poutine hot spots never fail to serve up an incredible dish every time—the perfect marriage of crisp french fries, warmed cheese curds, and piping hot gravy makes this food a decadent experience!

The Breakfast Pig Badass Eatery

This local eatery located at 265 Bruce Street is known for their unique recipes! Two of them just happen to be unbelievable poutine dishes. If you have a healthy appetite, this is the place to stop.

Here are two options to try:

Waffle Poutine - Deep-fried waffle pieces smothered in mozzarella and pig gravy, and you can add pulled pork or chopped bacon.

Benedict Poutine - Home fries, cheddar cheese, hollandaise, chives, topped with two poached eggs.

Searchmont Resort

Searchmont Resort is a premier-ranked alpine skiing destination located in Searchmont, ON, only 46 km from downtown Sault Ste. Marie.

This resort not only offers high-quality mountain terrain, amenities, events, and entertainment, but it also serves up poutine as a perfect après ski treat! Pull up a seat at the bar, pair your classic poutine with a cold local brew from Northern Superior Brewing Co., and seal a perfect day on the slopes off with these two comforting treats.

Wacky Wings

This local favourite is known for its Northern Ontario-inspired decor, vibrant and fun environment, and three incredible poutine recipes. You can't go wrong with the Old Fashion or take a walk on the wild side and try something new. Here are three options to get your taste buds watering.

Old Fashion Poutine - Topped with a delicious cheese blend, and gravy.

Bacon Cheddar Poutine - Shredded​ cheddar cheese, real bacon pieces, and gravy.

Get Pickled Poutine - Dry dill pickle, cheese blend, gravy, drizzled with buttermilk dill.

Low & Slow smoked fusion bbq

Burnt Ends Poutine - North meets South with fresh-cut fries topped with cheese curds, gravy and smoked meat. (Pst, you can also get a smoked bacon, pulled pork, or jerk chicken versions!)

No matter what toppings you put on it, it's a classic Canadian treat!

Have we missed any amazing local poutines? Let us know!

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