Need More Time to Sled? Get Your Fix with Mini-Loops this Winter!

Editor's Note: John Boals is a longtime snowmobiler and the manager of OFSC District 1 in eastern Ontario. Recently we sat down for a Q & A with him. Below, he describes a new initiative that is being launched this year, designed to make it easier for sledders to get out there on the trails even when things are moving fast and it can feel like there's never enough time to fit everything in: Mini-loops, the perfect routes for the modern go-getter.

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This year for the first time, we've introduced a new set of snowmobile loops ideal for any sledder on a limited time budget. Our "Mini-Loops" are designed with specific needs in mind: they're about 130-160 km each, will take you around 3 hours or so to do each one, and each has been routed specifically so that you're always in easy range of fuel, food, heated washrooms, scenic vistas and clearly-mapped trails. They're relatively short, manageable rides, so you can do them alone, or fit them in-between other activities… say, for example, you could do one in the afternoon and be home in time for dinner. Or maybe your buddies are busy with other obligations but you still want to get outside and do some sledding.

These are not days-long white knuckle touring routes where the thought of bringing along two small children and a spouse might seem like an impossible dream. These are routes that you can do alone or with family and friends, where you can stop and enjoy the scenery and not find yourself hours behind schedule. They span across the region of eastern Ontario, from Morrisburg up to Calabogie, Renfrew and Arnprior, across the Ottawa area and within range of Hawkesbury to the east, and Napanee to the west.


Here are some of the best reasons to consider trying one or more mini-loops this season:

1. Promote local trails for local riders
2. Get folks off the sofa and out riding
3. For folks whose riding buddies are busy, with a mini-loop you don't have to wait for anyone to come along with you… just tackle a mini-loop on your own, and have a blast doing it
4. You can bring along your significant other and not have to worry about amenities… "District 1 Approved" means that these routes have been designed so that food, fuel and heated washrooms are always within range
5. A great way to try some new trails without having to worry about getting stranded or lost
6. Family-friendly
7. Cost-efficient... and time-efficient!

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Maybe you've been planning the family vacation for weeks and you want to go snowmobiling, but your wife or significant other wants to go shopping or see the sights. Well, now you can do both! Maybe you've got a deadline ahead of you and only have a few hours to spare for some fun… perfect for a mini-loop.

These are routes that were designed specifically with versatility in mind, designed to give riders options and choices. This season, have a blast out on the trails, without having to sacrifice your peace of mind. These are local trails groomed by local Ontario sledders, officially District 1-approved. Come and be part of a winter community!

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About John Boals

John is an avid and experienced snowmobiler from eastern Ontario, where he is the manager of OFSC District 1.

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