Our Letterkenny Honeymoon

People would ask us, “so, where are you going for your honeymoon?”

We would reply, “Sudbury.”

Everyone would then attempt to guess why and it was usually a combination of, “oh, going to see the Big Nickel?” or “to visit Science North?” even times there were a few puzzled looks accompanied with a “why?”

Now we get it, being a Letterkenny fan and wanting to visit the filming locations to take a bunch of selfies in a city that we both lived in before isn’t everyone’s idea for a honeymoon. It’s not white sands, clear water, and blue skies, however, it was our honeymoon idea and we were looking forward to it!

In the beginning, watching Letterkenny together was one of our fondest memories. It had become one of the many fibers in the tapestry of our relationship, woven throughout with quotes, jokes, and mannerisms. It was our ‘special thing’. So naturally it would make sense to incorporate it into one of our milestones of life. Thus, the conception of the Softest Letterkenny Honeymoon!

Preparation for the journey went underway as we organized our outfits, supplies, props, and of course our precious coordinates.

We had six locations to visit in total.  The first stop being Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre in Azilda. On the show, they used this for their Agricultural Hall, but we noticed once we got there it was a full arena and banquet hall.

Second stop was the Donavon Variety store, where on the show they dance out in the parking lot and have a few conversations in front of it.

We were pleased to note that our third location, the Frood Hotel, was directly beside it! We went inside the bar and spoke with the bartender who was very friendly and accommodating allowing us to take our pictures and explore the different rooms. We said we would come back for a drink later because there was still more touring to be had!

We stopped briefly to get some beverages before going to our fourth location, Robinson Playground. We took a short walk down the trail, sipping our drinks, and enjoying the sun.

Countryside Arena was number five on our list. 

We thought there would only be one ice rink but turns out there were two. Some hockey practices were going on so we masqueraded as fans of the local sports team and watched them practice for a while.

We have both lived in Sudbury before, but this trip brought us places that we had never been to. It was enjoyable to visit a city that felt familiar, but was also exciting and different. We had so much fun doing this unorthodox honeymoon and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

*** A new season of Letterkenny is currently streaming on CraveTV.  Letterkenny is on tour in 2018! 
For tickets and information please visit
http://www.letterkenny.tv/tour/. ***

Get a taste of Letterkenny at Stack Brewing! New Metric Media paired with Sudbury brewery Stack Brewing Corp, along with Play Fun Games Pictures and DHX Media to create Puppers Premium Lager. The brew was available online on the Stack website (https://stackbrewing.ca/product/puppers-premium-lager-6-pack/) and will be back in the LCBO in summer of 2018.

by Steve Labelle & Amanda Sasseville

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