5 Restaurants in Sudbury for your next Date Night

Sudbury’s date night scene is heating up. With so many restaurants in Sudbury to choose from, it’s hard to choose one. From global wine tasting to a new seafood boil house, I’ve highlighted 5 restaurants you and your special someone can enjoy on a night out.

Kinaho Sushi

Credit: Flaneuseeats

Kinaho Sushi is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in Sudbury that never disappoints. They have an extensive menu catered both to dine-in and take-out. When dining in, they provide you with an iPad and let you do your thing. Their menu is extensive and has so much variety including sashimi, sushi, tempura, ramen and fried rice just to name a few. I suggest trying the torched sushi rolls and BBQ short ribs but all the cooked items on their menu are extremely tasty, you’ll have to try it to believe me. To top it off they have a fun dessert menu that includes deep fried chocolate bars and green tea ice cream. Kinaho Sushi takes out the hassle in date night with their fast and friendly service.

The Cedar Nest

Credit: Jerry Arbs

If you are looking for an amazing fine dining experience for date night, try The Cedar Nest.  The Cedar Nest has evolved over the last few years from a café to one of Sudbury’s finest restaurants offering a farm to table experience.  The owner, who is also the chef, creates new dishes often so you never know what new menu item your new favourite will be, maybe the molasses and maple pork shank or the rack of lamb served with popcorn polenta and Ugly Barn mushrooms. The food, ambience, and service at The Cedar Nest is always warm and inviting.  

Wander Food & Wine

Credit: Flaneuseeats

Have you ever wandered about how to pair different wines with your meal? Well, this is me giving you a nudge to try Wander Food & Wine. Take your partner to Wander Food & Wine where it feels like an escape within the city. Like their name suggests, you can expect the pairings of different wines from around the world with different foods. Their feature items usually change once or twice a week. If you are not sure what to order, try a flight of wine. This gives you the option of choosing 3 different bottles of white or red wine to taste test. Get a great introduction to wine from around the world through their website and check out the variety of choices they offer. To top it off they are takeout friendly if you want to sip at home.  Keep an eye out for their special events online or in person. Truly a unique date night experience.

Bella Vita Cucina

Credit: Flaneuseeats

If you are in the mood for classic Italian food with a mix of luxury and at-home vibes in the best possible way, then Bella Vita Cucina is for you. Another great choice for date night that offers classic pizzas, pastas and much more. Everything on their menu will have you saying… sì, sì, sì! If you are adventurous like me, I recommend having their escargot cooked in a white wine sauce with mushrooms and topped with cheesy goodness. I had their mixed grilled seafood medley cooked to perfection. Pictured is the best crème brulée I have ever had in my life.  At the end of my meal the waiter complimented on how good I ate and I could not agree more. It made me blush, but I was doing the right thing.  Add Bella Vita Cucina to your list of restaurants to try.

Zaher’s Red Claw: Boil House

 Provided by Zaher’s Red Claw: Boil House 

Zaher’s Red Claw: Boil House has created a crustaceous experience for Sudbury. They bring a fusion of flavours inspired by the south and elevated for the North! From the seafood boils they create, to the slow cooked meats they serve, this is another spot that will tantalize your taste buds.  They pride themselves in the quality of food they prepare and the experience they provide. Their takeout seafood boxes are loaded with a lip smacking flavour. Included with your meal is the necessary bib and hand wipes so you can dig right in. Their menu provides a variety boxes for one but also include large sharable boxes that contain crawfish, lobster tail, snow crab legs, colossal shrimp, andouille sausage and delicious sides. Their seafood is boiled in red amber ale, butter and a whole bunch of spices that will make you wonder where these flavors have been hiding all your life! If seafood is not your thing, try one of the many sandwiches like the Prize Pig or Black Market, made with meats slow cooked to perfection. Although they are takeout only, they have their full menu available at 84 Station where you can enjoy a dine in experience for your date night!

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