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High Water - Good Fishing!

From the looks of the following fish, I'd say that the record high water levels in 2014 wrecked only the docks, not the fishing. 

In 2014, Ontario's Sunset Country had one of the highest lake levels ever, certainly in the last 50 years anyway. We had a late Spring and had ice on the lakes until the walleye opener in May. The walleye spawn was really behind this Spring and many wondered how the water levels would affect the fishing.

Take a look at some of these photos taken from the resort and lodges in the area. They'll show you exactly what kind of a year we had for fishing this summer. It was fantastic!! Sure, some of the guests had to use makeshift docks and ramps to reach their boats, but in the end it didn't seem to matter. 

Here are some of the best fishing photos shared on Ontario's Sunset Country Facebook page this summer. Congrats go out to all anglers, especially since they were almost all caught and released (they may have all been released but there were a few I couldn't confirm for sure). Thank you for sharing your catches.

Spring Walleye Fishing on Wabigoon Lake

This giant walleye was caught at Bonny Bay Camp on Wabigoon Lake near Dryden, Ontario. Robert Cardenas caught this 'eye the last week of May. Walleyes were clearly still spawning and this was released right back into the water.

Robert Cardenas caught this massive walleye on Wabigoon Lake

Robert Cardenas caught this massive walleye on Wabigoon Lake 

Laker Caught While Paddling in Woodland Caribou Park

The lake trout fishing in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in June was fantastic. Red Lake Outfitters can help you plan a wilderness canoe trip into the park to reach some really remote lakes. Fisherman willing to paddle a little to get to this fishing paradise on Royd Lake will definitely be rewarded.

Gorgeous trout caught in Woodland Caribou Park

Gorgeous trout caught in Woodland Caribou Park

Massive Walleye Caught on Perrault Lake

John was fishing out of Rocky Shore Lodge on Perrault Lake with Northwest Ontario Adventures during the third week in June when he caught this fish. While his guide was making the shore lunch he grabbed a rod and landed (and released) this huge 33" walleye! Fantastic!


33" walleye caught on Perrault Lake

Walleye on Attwood Lake

Sarah caught this huge walleye on Attwood Lake which is a fly-in lake north of Armstrong, Ontario. Mattice Lake Outfitters has 2 deluxe fly-in outpost cabins on this lake which is about 12 miles long and has numerous bays, points, narrows, and islands offering protection on even the windiest days.

Beautiful walleye caught on Attwood Lake

Beautiful walleye caught on Attwood Lake

Fly-in Fishing Produces Great Walleyes!

Bob Wulff caught this beautiful 26" walleye at one of Pipestone Fly-in Outposts' lakes. Here's an excerpt from their summer fishing report "Summer fishing has been fantastic. Due to the late ice out and cooler weather, in many cases, the schools of fish remained in the rapid and current areas where they spawned. We received enormous amounts of rain in June which resulted in water levels higher than usual. Fish love current and this results in great fishing. The fish started to move out to the reefs between the 2nd & 3rd weeks of July, about 2 weeks later than normal. Once they settled into the "summer pattern", they fed often and consistently. Many of our guests reported having some of the best Walleye fishing that they have ever seen."

Nice walleye from a remote fly-in lake

Nice walleye from a remote fly-in lake

56" Sturgeon Caught on Lake of the Woods

Guests of Mylie's Place Resort often reel in huge fish, however, in July Ancher Nelson, caught this 56" Lake Sturgeon while muskie fishing on Lake of the Woods. The fish was the biggest confirmed catch by resort guests or friends in the last 23 years that Mylie's have operated the resort. The sturgeon was caught while fishing for muskies with a Muskie Musky Innovations Bulldawg. It took 20 minutes to reel in this prehistoric beast. Great job Ancher!


56" Lake Sturgeon caught and released by 12-year-old Ancher Nelson

Maynard Lake Muskie

Do you think he's happy? A big muskie for your first one of the season! This 50.5" muskie was caught at Maynard Lake Lodge, a fly-in lodge located on the English River system, 80 kilometers northeast of Kenora, Ontario.

Over 50

Over 50" muskie caught on Maynard Lake

53.5" Rowan Lake Muskie

This massive muskie was caught on a red spinner bait on Miner's Bay, Rowan Lake at Alexander's on Rowan. This old beast was 53.5" in length and had a 28" girth! 


53.5" Rowan Lake Muskie

33" Walleye From the Clearwater/Pipestone Chain

Ed Carlson caught this beautiful 33" walleye at Pipestone Lodge on the Clearwater/Pipestone chain of lakes north of Emo, Ontario. Walleye are just one of the fish species on this chain of lakes, you can also fish for northern pike, bass, lake trout, and Muskie. Pipestone Lake with its many islands, numerous small bays, inlets, rocky points, and reefs offers a great variety of fishing.

Happy anglers with a 33

Happy anglers with a 33" walleye

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Monster Pike From Lake St. Joseph

Longtime Old Post Lodge customer, Fred Grems reeled in this huge 46", 28 lb northern pike on Lake St. Joseph this July. Fish like this one make the drive to Old Post Lodge south of Pickle Lake totally worth it. Congrats Fred!


46" northern pike from Lake St. Joseph

53" Lake of the Woods Muskie

Jay caught this 53" muskie at Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp on Lake of the Woods.  The resort is located on a secluded island in Miles Bay on Lake of the Woods, 13 miles north of Morson, Ontario, Canada. You can also fish for walleye, crappie, northern, bass and perch nearby.

It's gets pretty heavy holding a 53

It gets pretty heavy holding a 53" muskie!

A Family Affair

It's all smiles for the Malek family with their huge northern pike caught on Lac Seul while fishing at Moosehorn Lodge in Sioux Lookout.

The Malek Family proudly holds their northern pike

The Malek Family proudly holds their northern pike

2 for 1 Smallmouth Bass

Jonathan Morris caught these 19" and 18" smallies on one hook on Rainy Lake while staying at Camp Narrows Lodge. That must have been fun to reel in! During his stay, Jonathan also caught some big northern pike and walleye.

Double header on one lure!

A doubleheader on one lure!

Huge September crappie

What a great crappie caught at Smith's Camps in Kenora on Lake of the Woods. The crappie fishing really starts to pick up in September. They are a great tasting fish, very light and mild like a walleye.

Chunky crappie caught on Lake of the Woods

Chunky crappie caught on Lake of the Woods

The summer has sadly now come to an end and except for some hardy muskie fishermen, I think the open water season is finished. Judging by these fishing photos, I'd say we had a pretty spectacular summer here in Sunset Country.

If you'd like to be holding one of these fish next summer, make sure you order the free Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Guide & Fishing Map and make your dream come true. 

To see more of the fish caught in Northwest Ontario, follow the Ontario Sunset Country Facebook page

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