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Big Jacks in Sunset Country!

Notorius? Nasty? Notable? Nice? Noble? Whatever you like to call these massive Northern Pike, I'd call these anglers 'Happy'.

Northern pike roam the waters of most lakes in Northwest Ontario. While some anglers don't like to catch these slimy fish, catching a huge northern pike is on my bucket list. Just look at these beasts. They are massive! While many fish are caught and released right away, we are fortunate enough to view these northerns that were photographed before they were released.

The following northern pike were all caught and released in Ontario's Sunset Country in 2014. 

44" Northern Pike at Big Hook Wilderness Camps

Jake Newburn of Nebraska caught this 44" northern on June 2, 2014. Jake has fished yearly with Big Hook Wilderness Camps since he was 7 years old. He fishes with his father and grandfather who make their yearly fishing trip to Big Hook to catch and release big northerns.


Location: Big Hook Camps in Opasquia Park north of Red Lake, Ontario
Website: or Facebook:
Phone: 920-893-3525

44.5" Northern Pike at Halley's Camps

This 20lb, 44.5" northern was caught by Todd Philips on the English River at Halley's Camps Caribou Falls Landing.  


Location: Halley's Camps Caribou Falls Landing on the English River near Minaki, Ontario
Website: or Facebook: 
Phone: 800-465-3325

43.5" Northern Pike caught on Little Turtle Lake

How excited Rebecca must have been to reel in this huge northern?? This 43.5" pike was caught at Little Turtle Lodge.


Location: Little Turtle Lodge on Little Turtle Lake, Mine Centre, Ontario, Canada
Website: or Facebook: 
Phone: 330-466-4594

Chubby Northern Pike Caught at Camp Narrows Lodge

James from Edmonton caught this fat northern pike in late September on Rainy Lake at Camp Narrows Lodge.

Camp Narrows Pike fishing

Location: Camp Narrows Lodge on Rainy Lake, Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
Website: or Facebook: 
Phone: 866-294-5067

43.5" Northern Pike Caught at Wine Lake Camp

Chris Vanhorn from Hudson, WI caught and released this 43.5" northern pike on August 17, 2014 on Wine Lake. She is an excellent angler catches and releases many trophy fish each year at Wine Lake Camp.


Location: Wine Lake Camp on Wine Lake, Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 807-222-3500 (S) (9am-9pm) or 303-642-0875 (W)

42" Northern Pike Caught at Vermilion Bay Lodge

This 42" northern pike caught by Bob Emley on June 7th on Eagle Lake while fishing with Vermilion Bay Lodge.


Location: Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake, Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada
Website: or Facebook: 
Phone: 888-301-8229

44" Northern Piek Caught at Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts

Chris caught this 44", 25lb northern pike at one of Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts fly-in only lakes. 


Location: Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts, Remote Lakes flown into from Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada
Website: or Facebook: 
Phone: 807-484-2345 or 877-653-1524

51" Northern Pike Caught at Separation Lake Lodge

Tammy Lewis caught this long 51" northern pike at Separation Lake Lodge on Separation Lake on the lower portion of the English River System.

Massive 51

Location: Separation Lake Lodge on Separation Lake, Minaki, Ontario, Canada
Website:  or Facebook:
Phone: 217-357-3069

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